Work Life Balance Signpost Shows Career And Leisure Harmony

As you grow your small business, responsibilities begin to pile up. The time you need to spend at work can take away from the time you want to spend at home. The experts say it’s essential to maintain a balance which allows you to focus on your business and experience the life moments you may never get back. Setting some rules can help establish a balance.

Rule #1: Forget about perfection

If you concentrate on reaching a level of perfection for your small business, you may miss the exciting parts of owning a business. Fixating your mind on perfection can consume your valuable time, leaving none for yourself or family. Instead, set small, measureable goals which can contribute to the business you eventually want to have.

Rule # 2: Disconnect from all electronics in downtime

Establish a set time when you should be leaving work and dedicate the rest of that time to family or friends. Once you reach said time, disconnect. Do not check emails while your kids are telling you about their day or talk solely about work to your significant other while relaxing. Resist from doing extra work on your home computer and become open to making plans instead. Although by now it may have become a habit or a temptation, do not respond to every email immediately. It is okay to address certain situations the next day with a fresh mind.

Rule #3: Care for yourself

Family time is important, but self-care needs to be a priority. Arrange a workout regime or attend a fitness class after work. I may not always be able to get in a full round of golf, but hitting a bucket of balls every week forces me to focus on something other than spreadsheets. Some people choose a deep tissue massage or a long walk with their dog. Relieving stress and focusing on your body is a great way to balance work and your personal life. You might also be able to ask a friend to be your workout buddy and use the time together to catch up.

Rule #4: Practice leadership

Make sure to set the right tone in your small business. Remember, you have teammates who are working just as hard as you, and pushing them to the limit is not a quality an effective leader possesses. Instead, rely on your team and trust they will provide the results you need. Micromanaging can cause a negative energy. Practice the right leadership skills so your employees can one day do the same.

Rule #5: Find a confidant

Venting your mind and planning out loud may be just what you need to create balance between business and life. Try doing both with a close friend or family member. They can listen and provide an outside view, which can help you understand what your next steps could be. Bottling up emotions and thoughts is not healthy, and having a friendly ear around can help your small business ideas flow.