Awesome Online Course Ideas For 2021 & How They Work

You always wanted to create an online course but you have no idea which topic to choose and how to find profitable online course ideas?

Does your thought process look like something like this?:

  • Thought 1: Oh I really want to create an online course…
  • Thought 2: But who would even listen to me?
  • Thought 3: I am scared nobody would buy my course…
  • Thought 4: I don’t even have a certification…what if my content is not valuable enough?

Actually, most new course creators have those thoughts. You have been working your butt off over the last months if not years and you are close to burnout and just wish to have a somewhat more “passive” income stream added to your business model?

You have too many clients and just can’t handle more, your schedule is filled up, and yet, you wish to increase your revenue?

The answer is creating an online course.

Today I am bringing to you a list of online course ideas which will hopefully resonate with you and get your creative brain started. You can just apply most of these ideas to your own niche or industry, in case it’s not listed below. We will also discuss how online courses work.

What are online courses and how do they work?

Online courses are the most profitable digital products you can add to your income stream as they allow you to serve many more people on a much larger scale, without needing to work more hours.

An online course is a series of (most commonly) videos which teach the viewer a new skill. When done properly, an online course brings in passive income to your business every day.

In short, you can drive traffic to your online course website via paid ads, or organic methods, or both and keep new leads coming to your core piece of content on a consistent basis.

How does an online course work?

Awesome Online Course Ideas For 2021 and How They Work_2

Think of online courses like a lecture at university, it just happens online. You sign up for a course because you wish to achieve a certain outcome at the end. This is called a “transformation”.

When someone signs up for your online course, they are stuck at “point A” and your course will bring them to “point B”, aka the destination. Your student must come out of your course as a “different” person then they were before.

Do I need a certification to be able to have an online course?

Awesome Online Course Ideas For 2021 and How They Work_2

No, you absolutely don’t. Most people who are intending of creating an online course never get started because this limiting belief is holding them back so much.

You absolutely do not need a certification to be able to teach a skill your are good at. The best example on this planet is Tony Robbins.

He is the highest paid (life?) coach in the world and he does not hold a sigle certification. And he sells heaps of online courses.

There is also no law in place just yet, you are not requried to have any certification to be able to sell in general. Just make sure you have your own clear terms and conditions in place, you are not making false promises or misleading people.

Why are online courses so powerful?

Our education system is completely outdated and most professors or teachers at university don’t even have real-life experience themselves… but are standing there and teaching theory reading of a textbook.

That’s when you come in…

Don’t you think you would do a much better job at teaching someone a skill-based on your own experience?

Don’t you think it’s much better and effective to learn from “ordinary people” who have actually DONE and EXPERIENCE in a particular topic… rather than just teaching theory and not really knowing how it really works out there in the real world?

You owe this to the world. Everyone has a course idea within themselves, and so do you.

If you don’t share your knowledge with the world, it’s selfish. Because you could just change another person’s life with your knowledge and expertise.

If you don’t get started, nobody will ever know about your experience and you will never touch another person’s life. And this would be tragic!

In addition to that, some people who are looking to learn a skill at their own pace. And you can offer an online course for a significantly lower price compared to the super expensive university fees. An online course is the best solution for most people and you can play a significant role in this game!

But how to come up with online course ideas and in which niches can you create an online course?

The answer is simple. You can get into any niche and teach any topic in this world. I know people who teach languages, business, how to jump rope, how to get better at Crossfit, how to cook and bake vegan, how to knit, how to play the piano, or how to read, write or speak. The possibilities are endless.

All you need to do is really niche down to find profitable online course topic ideas.

The most profitable niches you can get into to make money with an online course are:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Self-Improvement
  • Lifestyle

This may seem very broad, yes, so you gotta niche it down a lot. Let’s break down all those niches and find some amazing online course ideas for 2021.

You just gotta put your thinking head on, pick one idea and get started creating an online course. Deal?

Sub niches and online course ideas:


  • Fitness & Weight loss
    • Exercise
    • Fitness Trainer
    • Pilates
    • Stretching
    • Thai Chi
    • Healing Insulin Resistance
  • Nutrition
    • Whole Food
    • Meal Plans
    • Raw Food
    • Supplements
  • Mental Health
    • Meditation
    • CBT
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
  • Sports
    • Dance
    • Yoga
    • Self-Defense
    • Rope Jumping
    • Cross Fit
  • Dieting
    • Paleo
    • Intermittent Fasting
    • Vegan
    • Low Carb
    • Keto
  • Safety & First Aid
    • Firefighter
    • Home Safety
    • Travel Safety
    • Construction Site Safety


    • Investing
      • Cryptocurrency & Blockchain
      • Real Estate
    • Personal Finance
      • Savings
      • Inheritance
      • Business vs Personal Expenses
      • Tax
    • Business
      • Finance & Accounting
      • Compliance
      • Business Law
      • Human Resources
    • Economics
      • Circular Economy
      • Politics
      • Government Regulations
    • Entrepreneurship
      • Management
      • Sales
      • Business Strategy
      • Operations
      • Project Management
    • Startup
      • Launching
      • VC Investments
      • Business Fundamentals
    • Home Business
      • Virtual Assistant
      • Social Media Management
      • Ghost Writing
      • Teaching
    • Online Business
      • Online Courses
      • Ecommerce
      • Marketing Agency
      • Content Creation
      • Blogging
      • Freelancing
      • Media
    • Writing
      • Fiction Writing
      • Business Writing
      • Blogging
    • Presentation
      • PowerPoint
      • Canva
      • Design
      • Audio
      • Video
    • Communications
      • Public Speaking
      • Body language
      • Persuasion
      • Email Etiquette
    • Coding & Development
      • Java Script
      • React
      • CSS
      • WordPress
      • PHP
      • Angular
      • Android Development
      • IOS Development
      • C++
      • 3D Game Development
      • Wix
      • Elementor
      • Webdesign
      • Graphic Design


    • Beauty
      • Makeup
      • Styling
      • Clothing
      • Aroma Therapy
      • Natural Cosmetics
      • Skincare
    • Wellness
      • Holistic Wellness
      • Juicing
      • Positive Psychology
      • Life Purpose
    • Productivity
      • Time Management
      • Focus Mastery
      • Speed Reading
      • Goal Setting
      • Organisation
      • Habits
      • Procrastination
      • Memory & Study Skills
    • Leadership
      • Management Skills
      • Communication Skills
      • Management Training
      • Conflict Management
      • Listening Skills
    • Career Development
      • Job Search
      • LinkedIn
      • Interview Skills
      • Resume & CV Writing
      • Personal Networking
    • Parenting
      • Childhood Trauma Healing
      • Child Psychology
      • Early Childhood Education
      • Home Schooling
      • Relationship Building
    • Happiness
      • Meditation
      • Mindfulness
    • Religion & Spirituality
      • Bible
      • Islam
      • Reiki & Energy Healing
      • Esoteric Practises
    • Confidence
      • Self-Esteem
      • Motivation
    • Brain Functions
      • Stress Management
      • NLP
      • Neuroscience
      • CBT


  • Pet Care & Training
    • Animal Healing
    • Dog Behaviour
    • Grieving Pet Loss
    • Pet Photography
  • Home Improvement
    • Decoration
    • Safety
  • Travel
    • Group Travel
    • Luxury Travel
    • Digital Nomadism
    • Solo Travel
  • Food & Beverage
    • Cooking
    • Wine
    • International Cuisine
  • Music
    • Vocal
    • Instruments


    • Dating
      • Sex
      • Intimacy
    • Resolving Family Issues
      • Healing The Inner Child
    • Relationships at Work
      • Boundaries
    • Self-Love
      • Worthiness
    • Friendships
      • Communication

The last steps is to brainstorm your ideas and do proper research on them. Think about what kind of questions are people asking online and start writing down your final online course ideas:

Let’s do some brainstorming:

– How to get started with Cryptocurreny

– How to save Tax relocating your company

– How to make money on AirBnB

– How to bake vegan cakes

– How to implement a dairy free diet into your lifestyle

– How to start a blog

– Yoga for beginners

– Zumba for beginners

– Self-Defence for girls

– How to travel solo

– How to create a podcast

– How to write your first book

– How to get published on large publications

– How to become a writer

– How to read a book a day

– How to design a website on WordPress

– How to create engaging videos

– How to set up your virtual assistant business

– How to be a better communicator

– Find your life purpose

– Become a better listener

– Manage people at work effectively

– Replace bad habits with good habit

– Conflict management made easy

– How to be a better interviewer

– Homeschooling for parents

– Advanced meditation

– How to be a Buddhist

– Decorate your home in a cosy way

– Dog training 1:1

– How to travel the world with no money

– How to play the guitar

Awesome Online Course Ideas For 2021 and How They Work_3

See, this list can go on and on and on… The more you can niche down, the better. The possibilities are endless and there are millions or more online course ideas out there, which I did not mention in this article.

Here are a few quick wins:

  • You can create a somewhat passive income machine for yourself. Your new “passive” money machine can generate funds on autopilot, if you set it up correctly, so you can avoid stress, overwhelm and burning out.
  • You can serve more people on a larger scale without burning out. Online courses are scalable to the moon and back which means you can change endless amounts of lives with it. You will never run out of stock.
  • You can become location independent & work from anywhere. This is one of the greatest rewards creating an online course business. You can just work from anywhere in the world, may this be a tropical island or out of the comfort of your own home. And since Corona hit, it has become a necessity, it’s not a “nice to have” anymore.

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