The next sensation. We want that authority, we want that notoriety, the nod from colleagues and the only choice for customers. We establish a presence on social media profiles to not only be a part of the latest and greatest but to send out the message that we are here. We are here to help, promote others, give advice, create dialogue, communicate and be. The be is what the ultimate goal is. Come on, admit it. I know I want to be. Is that wrong to admit? No. It is real. It is what so many are thinking and some make it while others continue to think.

The Next Sensation

The next sensation has a multiple of avenues to explore. Reality TV, YouTube, social media self titled ninja, guru, expert and the haphazard find. We all exist as we are all great at something. That something is waiting to be found. But how? You blog regularly, you interact through commenting on blogs, responding to comments on your blog, you are there. Yeah, there. There is not sensational. Everyone is there. They are there for you and you for them. Being there is not sensational. Creating something that makes them want to be there is what makes you sensational. We can look at a singer, actor, novelist, movie producer and know why they are there. We can scratch our heads and wonder why some reality TV stars are there. But they have that one thing in common, they were sensational at something that made us want to tune in. The real talent of someone making it and the people who make asses of themselves have made it because we let them. We watch them, champion them, make fun of them but know that we want to make it too.

Is it Fame or Fortune?

Making it is defined within ourselves. We set goals and pay close attention to the stats on how we are doing but do we ever break it down in to fame or fortune? Of course with fame comes fortune so are we trying to attain one to bring the other? Are we targeting fortune to bring fame? Is fortune always monetary? Can fortune be emotional to satisfy a need that negates fame? Lots of questions that are answered within ourselves. When you are thinking about the purpose of your blog, the creation of a company, the existence on the social media profiles what are you really seeking? Fame or fortune? The next sensation is born from fame but yet funded and driven by fortune.  If no one is reading your blog or clicking your affiliate link are you going to continue? Many do not. There is no incentive to do so. Sure, we want to help people, we want to promote them to the gills with the hopes of them paying some attention to us (come on, we know this is true). This is the fame side as we know that the nod from the A-lister puts us on the map. It is up to us to keep us on the map. This is where the fortune comes into play.

The Dark Side to Sensation

There is a dark side. The dark side to sensation is the outlets who link bait/ratings bait and showcase the suspects/accused/self proclaimed greatness/haters, etc and showcase them over and over. They are a sensation by their actions that have been derived from some sort of negativity. These people become sensations. The attention in front of the camera fuels others to be that “great” so they will be on all the headlines, on the news, the newstands and that person. This is not always the core factor as to why they committed a crime, are shysters and incapable of understanding right from wrong but we cannot overlook the attention and fame that is given. Where does the attention come from? Us … from the police, the media outlets and the bloggers. The media outlets need the fame of the exclusive story, the link bait/rating teaser bait to lure in the advertising dollars. They need the fame to fuel the fortune. Is this sensationalism causing more bad than good?

How We Become A Sensation

We become a sensation by doing what we do best. Easy, right? If is so easy they why do we have full service? Why do we see over an over a company proclaiming to have great customer service and complaints up the gazoo? We can look at big brands and see a lot of different products. Frito Lay. They have a lot to sell us. Chips, soda water, etc. General Mills, Betty Croker, Nike. So much to sell. But what do we think of or remember them as first? For a sports team they have to sell one thing, us on being a fan; year after year. Car companies have to sell us first on their overall brand and then the model of car. The first is the driver that makes them the sensation one product and customer at a time. What is going to stick in the minds of people first about you? You can introduce and sell them on the other stuff later but the one sensational thing about you is what is remembered.

How we become a sensation is the consistency (and of course performing product/service). Is there an industry that you have worked with or for whether now or a few years ago that you excelled with? Instead of being the be all, start or go there. The full service is an added offering. Create the sensation to drive the fortune and who knows maybe fame may come your way. Fame comes from the industry people giving that nod, the fortune comes from the clients and a job well done.

So what are you doing to be come the next sensation? I know that I am working hard on the vanity and outside confidence to create that first thought to be sensational. You?

photo credit: Dolarz