Did you know that…

  • 250+ million Americans carry mobile phones – over 80% of the nation’s population
  • Cell phone subscriptions will top 5 billion globally before 2011
  • Mobile Web users were expected to increase to 69.9M by mid-2010
  • 68% of Americans get news and current events information on their cell phone
  • Mobile phones to overtake PC’s for web surfing by 2013
  • Revenue from mobile apps set to quadruple from 2010 to 2013
  • The global mobile advertising market will be valued at over $16 billion by 2011

Source: Mobile Marketing Trends

Can there be any doubt about the immense marketplace awaiting early adopters of mobile marketing? But where does inbound marketing fit in? What steps should we take now to capture a share of this emerging market in the next couple of years?

  • Learn about the options for mobile inbound marketing
    • Mobile Website
    • Apps & Advertising
    • Text messaging
    • Location-based Services
  • Learn about the devices and their requirements
  • Develop a marketing strategy
    • What’s my target market?
    • What content are they consuming via smart phones?
    • What value will my mobile website provide?
    • Do I need an app, and if so, why is it useful?
    • Can I leverage location-based services? How?
  • Start implementing your strategy now

The technology and rapidly growing market for mobile content will not wait for you. If you assume that there is no place for your company in the mobile marketplace, you are probably making a big mistake. If you adopt a wait-and-see approach, you will be left behind by your competitors. Don’t take my word for it. Do a little research and you will discover that all kinds of companies are going mobile. Can you afford to be a late-comer?

In the next few weeks, I will explore each of the available mobile options for inbound marketing in more detail. I will discuss the strategy and technology available and recommend a course for inbound marketing for each. We are working on transitioning to mobile ourselves and will give you an insider’s look as we develop our own strategy. Stay tuned!