Problems can still happen even when your appointment setting strategy proves to be successful. In fact, even too much success is its own challenge. When your SCM software services are a hit, it is likely more than one prospect will come to you for help. Take that scene from Robots where the main character ends up having a long line in front of his pad after everyone hears about how he fixes bots. You also have the more real-life example of waiting in line to see a doctor.

Putting A Control On Your Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting, Appointment Setting Services, Software LeadsYou might think that generating business leads can be a far cry from a retail store with a long line. But guess what, so long as that process does any of the following, they have a lot in common:

  • You are currently serving clients while attracting new ones – Your resources are currently being pooled to serve the client that is right in front of you. You cannot have those same resources serving the next person in line. You have to focus everything on present implementation projects. Putting customers first should also mean you should know which one to prioritize. Do not try to please everyone all at once or you will not get anything done.
  • Other customers have to wait – This is not always a bad thing. It only means your appointment setting process should consider the timeframe for current projects while scheduling client meetings. Again, with resources being focused on those projects, you cannot serve anyone else until it is done. That is why work is at an all-time high. You need to generate, qualify, and close. After that, everything must be done to help the prospect with their SCM issues. Naturally, you just cannot stop and risk losing productivity.
  • Activity is high – Speaking of which, you cannot keep customers waiting for long. That is why all your activities must be for the sake of getting them what they need and then moving on to the next prospect. Your appointment setting services are your ticket to a highly active and highly productive business. Furthermore, working nonstop is not always healthy. Everyone needs a break which leads to a stronger need to let prospects know when you are next available.

So as you can see, so long as you are highly active in terms of attracting and serving clients, you are not that much different from either a doctor or a retailer. A system needs to be in place to make sure your firm’s software resources are not stretched too thin. That is why appointment setting needs act as a control. It takes in mind your current projects and also makes indirect deadlines for them because you still need to serve other clients (that or you need time to blow off some steam).

Without that control, you will have difficulty giving service to anyone. Customers get frustrated with delays. This eventually leads a decline because only fewer and fewer prospects come in. Obviously you would not want that happening so do not ignore the rest of your SCM software leads. Let them know when you are ready!

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