Normally, many gurus would encourage you to aim high in everything you do (be it in appointment setting, sales, or any other business process). For accounting firms, aiming for high-level prospects sounds very ambitious but realize you are playing with dangerous fire here. Unless your business is prepared in all areas (not just marketing or sales), your appointment setting strategy should set their sights a little lower.

The Risks Of Aiming Appointment Setting All The Way Up

Appointment Setting, B2B Appointment Setting, Sales LeadsIf you still insist that your appointment setting strategy is not aiming to high, you should at least make sure you are not incurring the following risks. Imagine, your business is a superhero and your appointment setting strategy is the grappling gun you use to scale the walls of buildings. Here are just some of the biggest dangers you are daring yourself with should you aim straight for the top among your accounting leads for your bookkeeping services, tax services, advisory services and others.

  • The hook will have unstable grip – You might think you latched on but the truth is your grappling hook only has a tenuous hold of a ledge. Your appointment setting strategy may be able to net you a meeting with a prospect but what about afterwards? They may not have been fully convinced despite your marketer’s best efforts or worse, your entire business is not serving up to their high standards.
  • You have no way down – At first, you seemed to have successfully pulled yourself up without falling. Suddenly, you look down and realize that you are stuck. Think your appointment setting strategy will not leave you in a difficult position? Think again. The same appointment setting strategy that nailed you a high-level prospect now has you clinging to that prospect as your only source of sales.
  • You miss – Sometimes when you aim too far up, your B2B appointment setting strategy ends up missing the targets you are actually supposed to be hitting. This ranges from awkward scenarios with the wrong decision maker to multiple rejections even before appointment setting can be made. What else can you expect when you think good targeting equals aiming all the way up all the time?

It is not just about how high you aim. It is about how well you can actually aim and climb to the height. In fact, the concept of what is too high is actually quite arbitrary for appointment setting. There may not be such thing as too high… provided that your business is super enough to work towards those goals. If not, do not be ashamed to look for your accounting sales leads further down.