qualified leads, janitorial leadsAs you’re well aware, setting appointments means you’ve already undergone the process of thoroughly investigating a prospect and learned enough to know that they can give you sale. Here’s a brief review of the indicators:

  • Interest – A prospect is genuinely considering you as an option for their janitorial services.
  • Needs – You’ve obtained more specifics about their situation and are confident that your people can clean things up for them.
  • Budget – They have the money to outsource your company.
  • Time – They can meet with you to sign the deal.

On the other hand, what makes you think that information is only going your way? Remember, appointments can only be set after you’ve obtained qualified leads.

However, are you aware that the lead generation process not only directs information your way? In fact, the information you need can only be provided if you first provide information to your potential clients.

If you don’t know what that is, your communication channel of choice might not ultimately matter. Granted, the believability of the information might depend on said channel but, again, you first need to know what to tell the person on the other end. Seeing as how you’re a B2B business, that ideal person should be the decision maker.

But that’s the thing, these people are busy and whether you opt for telemarketing, email marketing, website, social media, or even direct mail, these decision makers will set up obstacles to make sure those things don’t disturb them. Everything from gatekeepers to spam filters are all for the sake of keeping out those who are too eager to do business with them without generating prior interest.

The following list contains the pieces of information you must be ready to divulge so that they in turn will tell you what you need to know.

  • Company Name – You know the name of their company so they must know yours.
  • Your Industry – If they know what you do, it might bring you closer to knowing if they’re in need of new (or at least) better commercial cleaning services.
  • Location – Some people won’t believe you’re a real business unless you’re in some tangible place that they can look up and perhaps even visit some time.
  • Purpose – They’d want to know why you’re calling. You need to be careful at this point. Avoid sounding like you’re trying to sell something. Just tell them that you’re only looking for some information. It might even be better if you first do a bit of background checking yourself. Look up your prospect company and see if you can guess any potential cleaning problems that their businesses might have. Make sure to not sound presumptuous. The purpose of asking them questions is so that you can confirm your guesses.

All in all, the point of them demanding those particular facts is so that they can be sure that you’re a legitimate business. If you’re not prepared to demonstrate this to the best that your resources allow, the harder it will be for your prospects to give the information you need. And without that information, you can’t qualify your janitorial leads. Without those leads, you have no appointments. Things don’t flow one-way in lead generation. All the processes are two-way streets.