The tides of time are changing, and recent communications reflect the reality. People employed are seriously considering going out on their own, and those who once enjoyed being self-employed are now re-thinking the cumbersome effort. Stress and sleepless nights seem to be affecting many. Unfortunately, the lack of sleep adds to the burden, and worse it detracts from finding the better solution.

Give thought during your quiet time to those activities you enjoy the most. It’s your enjoyment that shines through to other people. And the shine you emit is what attracts others to your work. On down days pay attention to the world around you to see where you might shine brighter than ever.

Enthusiasm and Commitment save the day.

To maintain a steady interest in your career or a continued interest in your entrepreneurial endeavors, make a commitment to continued learning for growth. The importance of this becomes evident in your enthusiasm for the direction you choose. Enthusiasm is contagious and will attract greater interest in you as a person interviewing for a job, or one attempting to gain the attention of potential clientele.


Another avenue to explore for increasing enthusiasm toward life is to consider mentoring people with limited experience in your field of expertise. When you reach out to help others, it provides you with a deeper appreciation for where you are today. Projects done well will empower others to see an improved tomorrow. Your reward is seeing that improvement come true.

All About You

Think about the days you bemoan the fact things aren’t going right. Consider:

  • What are your tendencies and actions for handling these down days?
  • Do you see room for improvement?
  • How will you handle negative episodes in the future?

Recent communications have revealed that most people have a need to be somewhat social too. Consider how you may interact socially while providing your expertise to experience the best of both worlds. The chosen group fills the connection need for you, and you provide insights needed by the community. At the same time, people are appreciative of your help which in turn helps you build an admired personal brand. In sales, we refer to this as a win-win.

There is always a point in your career to turn around and teach someone else the best of what you have already learned. Whether it’s work or a hobby, consider community service. And join a community of peers to find further encouragement and gain ideas to help you grow. Your down days will decline while the feeling of doing good increases. Everyone, including you, will be glad you did!

Sales Tips:

  1. On slow days sit down and look around to see what you already have.
  2. Reach out to communities in need of your expertise.
  3. As you glance through social media sites, see where your insights might be helpful.
  4. Look for mentoring events that need someone of your caliber.
  5. Teach classes through organizations needing your assistance.
  6. Seek out a community of peers to exchange ideas for growth.
  7. Expand on what you learn to create new products and services.
  8. Ask your audience what they specifically need.
  9. Tailor new services to the needs of your audience.
  10. Celebrate success!