Ah, change…You may have noticed that here at Qvidian we talk a lot about this word. We acknowledge that change can be seen as an overused theme calling for a vague form of action, but we disagree – we think about it differently.

To us it’s a word that carries value, value that we intend to transform into real and quantifiable action. If thought about with enough determination, it’s also a word that facilitates improvement. In this age of increasingly complicated happenings (be it in the world of international politics or in our own personal world of daily initiatives, such as sales), change can be a force of the much needed good.

Adapt or be left behind

While change is inevitable (it’s the only constant, right?) it’s also the most difficult to implement and accept. In our ever-transforming technologies and processes, companies must adapt to change more quickly and more frequently than ever. Moreover, sales organizations are faced with unprecedented competitive pressures, complex methods of communicating with customers – all while juggling competing demands for their time and attention.

Change has unquestionably become a way of life and many companies continue to rely on the same outdated training techniques to satisfy their ongoing (and ahem…changing) sales and onboarding initiatives. This reveals a fundamental disconnect; a lack of continued value in the sales enablement process.

The same selling techniques and those same best practices become outdated and the stuff of yesterday quite quickly after implementation. We need a commitment to change to offer customers something new and different to help solve their own ever-changing and complex problems.

We need a commitment to change

Achieving this demands a mindset shift among your sales team and agile sales execution strategies that are perfected through value-added and dynamic coaching methodologies – abandoning the belief that all is smooth sailing following some training and best practices. Sales reps are only human – they forget.

By internalizing a learning sequence that masters one piece of customer information at a time, your sales reps are better positioned to address unique customer needs – perfecting the customer experience and staying agile in the process.

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