Met a friend for coffee yesterday that I haven’t seen in more than 4 years. We’ve only spoken once in that time period, which was a couple of months ago.

She’d gone off the radar to have 2 kids and fully immerse herself in being a mom and loving it.

Now that her little ones are both starting pre-school, she’s been reaching out and reconnecting with her extensive network. The first thing she said to me when we met up yesterday was the amazing shifts that people have made in the 4 years since she’s been ‘out of touch’.

It reminded me of a NY Times article (I think it was NY Times… it was so long ago, I’m not 100% sure) I read many years ago where they talked about how most of us grossly over estimate what we can accomplish in 1 year, and grossly under-estimate what we can accomplish in 5 years.

When we create a 1 year plan, we are often reaching for things that may take more time to accomplish, and because of that, when we start out working on making them happen, we end up discouraged and not moving as easily an quickly as we would like.

But, if you plan out at the 5 year mark, it’s really quite different. You can dream really big, and as you begin to work backward to figuring out where you need to be at the end of each year to achieve it, what needs to happen in the 1st year is often much more ‘do-able’.

There’s also the piece where, once we begin moving toward a goal and make a decision that we are going for it, everything begins to shift and the Universe begins to align with that dream. That means that as we work toward it, without the hot-breath of, “I only have 11 more months to make this happen,” then, “I only have 10 more months to make this happen,” breathing down our necks, we can relax and begin to flow into the opportunities that open before us. And before long, small things become bigger and they multiply, then shift exponentially and you can end up far beyond where you dreamed what you started to figure out what you wanted to create.

Now, if you have your 5 year plan (and if you don’t, you may want to spend some time working on it), you’ll need the step-by-step strategies that can help create the momentum and success you want… you can get some of the most essential pieces for your business in my upcoming Marketing in the Morning™ program, so sign up here for early bird notification when it’s ready to go.