“Anyone can do lead nurture,” said someone who’d never done it: “Just send out three or more messages and you’re done.” Well…you could do that, but the problem is, you probably won’t do much for sales. In fact you might just drive away potential buyers, pushing up the cost of the leads that do remain. As illustrated below, given the cost to acquire a single customer, it’s very important to optimize every lead you get.

customer acquisition cost

Lead nurturing done right is just one tactic in the marketer’s arsenal to drive customer acquisition costs (CAC) down and customer lifetime value (LTV) up. We’ll cover that and a whole lot more in a new webinar, “9 Steps to Lower Customer Acquisition Costs and Increased Revenue.

Despite new technologies and new tools, the secret of success hasn’t changed and really isn’t a secret. As William Edwards Deming noted some decades ago, “Certainly we want good results, but management by results is not the way to get good results…work on the causes of results.”

This webinar will give you 9 ways to work on the causes of results. We’ll cover:

1. Identify key players and ideal customers

2. What’s the right research, and how to do it

3. What’s your value proposition, and how to use it to get from No to Yes

4. How to align everything (brand, content, sales process, etc.) so the machine produces a sales-ready lead

5. How to link all the moving parts so your process flow leads to sales

6. How to apply automation to makes your process more effective

7. What to measure, and how

8. ABT…always be testing

9. Revise and improve

Working on the causes of results yields dividends across your entire organization, including more leads, high conversion of those leads to revenue, lower cost of acquisition, higher account life time value (LTV)…and a greater degree of control over your future. Please join us for: