If you are hosting an event or a convention, you may want to have a keynote speaker, someone who can speak at your gathering and set the tone. Since the keynote speaker’s role is generally the most marquee speaker at your event, you want this person to be great.

Things people look for in keynote speakers include somebody who will support what you are doing, be a big enough name to sell tickets, and to give a dynamic speech. What people don’t want is someone who has his or her own agenda, spending more time talking about themselves as opposed to things that will interest the group.

Here are some tips to make sure that your keynote speaker will be a hit:

Make clear what you are looking for

If you are an anti-smoking organization, you don’t want a keynote speaker who smokes two packs of cigarettes a day. If you are a religious group, you want somebody who will have an affinity for your religious beliefs, not an atheist. So when you are looking for a keynote speaker, make sure you make it clear what type of speaker you are looking for, and what your organization is about.

Have multiple choices for speakers

You don’t want to just have one possible choice for a keynote speaker – what if the person you desire already has other plans for that date? Instead, try to have multiple choices for a keynote speaker, so that you have a fallback person in case your first choice cannot make it.

Check out the speaker’s press kit

Before you hire a speaker, you should check out what informational kit or materials he or she has to illustrate what they can do. Such things that you should pay attention to include the person’s biography, testimonials from others, references, clips of their speeches, and transcripts of what they have said. You also want to know right off the bat not just where they have spoken before, but how much they charge.

Do your own research

Use the internet to find out what the reaction has been to their speeches. You should be able to find out by doing a search on their previous speeches to see what the reaction they have received. Because it is possible that somebody could have a very slick client information kit, when the reality is that they haven’t been all that well-received.

See if you can check out the speaker in person

If you can see him or her in action before hiring, or at least meet the speaker in person first, that would be ideal. You may find that the speaker may be perfectly good, but just not right for your organization. Or perhaps the potential keynote speaker isn’t a big name, but what he or she says could make them perfect for your event.

Make sure the speaker is willing to talk about your company in the keynote speech

You want to make sure that the keynote speech is personalized for your company or organization, and talks about things that you want to be addressed. That is the point of a keynote address, after all. If the speaker is not willing to do that, maybe you should find someone else for the job

Promote the speaker

Once you have decided on a keynote speaker, make sure that you promote the speaker, so that there will be a good crowd and media interest. That means sending out press releases, promoting the speech in social media, and getting people excited over the speech.

Treat the speaker well

You should give VIP treatment to your speaker, which can include first-class accommodations, a ride to and from the airport, if needed, and a great introduction. If you treat your keynote speaker well, the speaker should treat you and your audience well, too.