There is a post that appears on Facebook periodically that poses the question, “If you were asked to name all the things you love, how long would it take to get to yourself?” Ouch!

You are probably too hard on yourself. Most of us are too hard on ourselves way too often. But, it turns out that it is much easier to make our way through the world if we love ourselves. Perhaps the greatest struggle we all face is the struggle to accept and love ourselves in spite of all our many flaws. This is not something that is likely to change without a little work, though, because many of us seem to have been programmed to ridicule ourselves.

Love yourself more each day with these strategies:

1. Give yourself an earnest compliment each day.

Have you ever felt like you needed a compliment? Go ahead and give yourself one! Think about all of your fantastic qualities and congratulate yourself on one of them. There is no reason to wait for someone else to get around to saying something nice about you. Give yourself a nice compliment right now.

2. Make a written list of your accomplishments. You have accomplished plenty of great things. Make a list of all of them. Be creative and give this exercise some serious thought. You will find that your life has been more impressive than you realize.

Well…did you make the list?

3. Eat in a healthier manner.

I am not saying go overboard and try to change all your eating habits in a single day. Promise to take better care of yourself by making some changes to your diet. We could all use a little improvement in this department. You know which foods are healthy. Add a few of them to your diet and drop a few of the ones that are less than healthy.

Show yourself that you are important. You probably would not purposely feed junk food to your child or yto your beloved pet. Give yourself the same level of importance.

4. Support a cause you believe in.

Spending time on something you think is important is a great way to show yourself that you are a good person. You will feel better about yourself and put a smile on your face, as well as someone else’s.

It does not have to be an expensive out of the country trip. There are many places to volunteer right at home. Almost every city has at least one mission house or food pantry. Step your game up. Go help serve food. Go sit and talk with a few lonely people. Grab a couple of your friends and do it together. These are just a few small examples.

Help someone else because you can!

5. Be grateful.

Appreciating what you have makes it a lot easier to love yourself. No one enjoys being around a person who complains all the time. Think about your life and make a list of the things and the people who fill you with gratitude. It is surprising to discover how much of a great life you already have.

6. Forgive your past self.

Sure, you have made some mistakes and probably done and said a few awful things along the way. We all have, and we all will. But that period of your life is over now. Why drag the past into the present? You can make a fresh start every single day.

Let it go!

7. Make one small improvement.

As great as we think we are, we can be even better. Make one small change that will enhance your life in some way. Perhaps it is exercising for few minutes each week or calling your mom once a week. Show yourself that you can grow, and mature, and become a better version of yourself. Try these simple ideas:

  • Pay all of your bills on time.
  • Be more patient with your family.
  • Be on time for work each day.
  • Do five pushups each morning.

8. Do one thing each day makes you happy.

If you do not start, when? There really is no time like the present to begin enjoying your life. Start taking those guitar lessons, finally get a dog/ cat/ bird/ fish, or volunteer at the local food bank. Start loving the life you are living and loving yourself.

9. Avoid people who consistently drag you down.

Odds are that at least one of your relationships is poisoning your life. It may be a friendship, close colleague at work, romantic relationship, or even a relationship with a family member. Value yourself enough to avoid negative people and relationships as often as you can. You can be cordial and polite. But, you don’t have to sit beside them or join them on a drama run or the crazy train.

You have many wonderful qualities that

you have been overlooking.

Believe that you deserve love from yourself

and from the people in your life.

A little self-love will enhance

every part of your life.


[Photo Credit: ash eliza smith via Compfight cc]