Becoming an entrepreneur is a dream for many but only a reality for some and a long-term reality for fewer. Most that succeed have a deep understanding of business areas and also a number of strings to their bow.

But how do you increase your chances in becoming a success? We take a look.

  1. Love what you do.


The key to keeping your business strategy moving forward is passion. Feeling half-hearted about an entrepreneurial project will really eat away at the drive you need to be successful. The one that can absolutely guarantee to move anything over the long run is perseverance, whether that is an individual, an entire company or a job. Most of Abraham Lincoln’s efforts failed until later in life. However, he never quit.

  1. Take baby steps.

It is rarely successful to jump all in. There are some success stories regarding individuals who invested everything all at one time and were successful within six months to a few years. However, those success stories are rare. Risk management for any startup is a critical factor, and balance is key. If you take small risks at the beginning, it is easier to absorb losses. They will provide productive and essential lessons.

  1. Learn from others.

Quite often successful entrepreneurs have worked for others within their fields before they go out on their own. Working for a couple of years with a good mentor in the industry can offer a great launching pad to start from. Learn from your mentor’s mistakes and do some brainstorming about how their model can be improved. Find somebody who is willing to teach you, and then after you leave you can think about starting your own business.

  1. Learn how to promote yourself.

A good elevator speech and confidence can take you up a level. Any company’s first marketing efforts come directly from its founder. Make sure you spend the time learning the best ways of sharing your vision without sounding like you are giving a sales pitch. Keep in mind that you always need to focus on the client.

  1. Take action constantly.

Entrepreneurs make things happen. They can’t just sit around and analyze every single detail. If they don’t they won’t ever get anywhere. In a start-up, there is no room for procrastination. It’s a 24/7 job with no sick or vacation days that requires forward momentum on a continual basis. At every step along the way, briefly assess it and then move forward. Trust your instincts.

Good entrepreneurs tend to have fingers in many pies as this piece showcases – 29 businesses and looking for more – most would be happy with 2-3. But, that’s the mind-set needed.

  1. Create a plan.

Do plenty of reading on successful businesses. Learn from the wealth of knowledge offered by successful entrepreneurs like Steve Job and Shark Tank personalities. You don’t need to write an entire book to have a successful business plan. Everything that you need to get started can be included in a 10-page plan.

  1. Build your reputation.

Volunteering your skills and time or maintaining a blog on your website, demonstrates rather than the community, which helps to build trust and establish your reputation as an expert.

  1. Hire the Best and Treat them Well

The key to success many say is to hire the best – people who are smarter than you. Keep these focused, skilled people in your business and watch it grow. There are so many ways tech is improving employee engagement and keeping people at their best at work, it’s well worth considering a solution. The best businesses tend to have happy employees after all.

These tips should help you on the road to entrepreneurship and to make a dent in whatever you want to get into.

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