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All entrepreneurs are busy, but only some are productive. Many hopeful business owners block themselves from success because they work inefficiently. On the other hand, some up-and-coming entrepreneurs rise to the top because they understand how to make the most of their busy schedules.

Luckily, there are several business productivity solutions you can use to uncomplicate your life and decrease the amount of stress you feel. More specifically, you can take advantage of the eight tools below to increase your working efficiency. Every one of these recommendations will help simplify your life and open up more time for the things that matter most.

1) Notability

Entrepreneurs draw inspiration and insight from a variety of sources—from audio files to PDFs. When viewing this information, individuals often need to use several screens or creatively organize multiple windows on one monitor, but not with Notability. This tool allows you to place a variety of documents in side-by-side format so you can analyze and save them all in one place.

2) Momentum

Habits are powerful behaviors that greatly impact your life. As you start a new venture, chances are you’ll need to create new habits that will help hold you accountable. Momentum is an application that helps you create “goal routines” and check them off as they’re completed. This tool is designed to help you perform desired activities until they become established behaviors.

3) Zapier

Automating processes is one of the fastest ways to mitigate stress and decrease busyness. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs fail to take advantage of automation because it seems too complicated.

In the past, automation took a team of engineers or tech-savvy workers that could build platforms to streamline workflows. Today, there are applications like Zapier that do all of this work for you. This tool also allows users to integrate their web apps and automate their processes—without the need for coding knowledge or the help of technology aficionados.

4) Occasion Station

Research shows that happiness and productivity are deeply intertwined. One of the most effective ways to boost happiness is to have (and maintain) quality relationships with loved ones. And yes, this means a life outside of the office. So, if you want to simplify your life and work more productively, you’ll need a tool that can help out like Occasion Station.

As it turns out, most people are pretty awful gift-givers. They want a gift to be perfect, so they spend a lot of time coming up with something unique and meaningful. Ironically, this often leads individuals to buy impractical gifts that don’t excite the recipients. If you want to avoid this time-consuming and stressful process, you can take advantage of an online gift-giving service.

5) Evernote

Your company has a lot of data—from emails to handwritten notes. If you don’t have a procedure and organization method in place for storing this information, you’ll waste countless hours searching through it to find important pieces of information.

Fortunately, companies like Evernote provide services that can help you chronicle content from a variety of locations. Once your information is centralized and organized, you’ll be able to access it more quickly—saving you time and unnecessary stress.

6) The SELF Journal

Another personal/lifestyle tool that can uncomplicate your life is The SELF Journal. This journal helps people break their long-term goals into easy-to-accomplish daily tasks. People that use this tool create daily rituals that help them work more productively overall.

7) Calendly

For time-strapped entrepreneurs, common calendar applications and services aren’t enough. To really stay on top of their schedules, these individuals need a calendar that has more features.

Calendly is a calendar solution that’s fast and intuitive. What’s more, it has a ton of features—more than one person would even need to put to use. This tool imports existing information from your current calendars, so it’s easy to start using. One of the main advantages of this system is that it can integrate business and personal information in one place.

8) SaneBox

Did you know that workers spend an average of 20.5 hours emailing every week? Entrepreneurs throw away valuable time on emails when they could be using a tool like SaneBox to save time and simplify their lives. This technology cleans up your inbox and prioritizes emails by importance so you can more effectively manage your inbox.

Busyness is an inherent trait of entrepreneurship. What’s not inherent, however, is how people respond to busyness. While some struggle to stay productive, others will take advantage of timesaving tools and techniques that allow them to work efficiently and further their company’s successes.