Don’t you just feel stuck?

Sometimes you’re just grinding through the day, doing all these things…

But you feel like you’re not achieving as much as you hoped for.

I mean at the speed everything is moving, you’re probably not going to hit those goals in time.

I know how it feels because it happens to me as well. Which is why I’ve asked some really successful entrepreneurs to share with me their productivity tips. The question I asked them was:

What’s the best productivity tip you would give to entrepreneurs that has personally helped you get more done?

So, let’s just right in…

1. Grant Cardone (Instagram)

My best productivity tip is when asked to do something

1) I decide immediately whether I am in or not… Decide Immediately yes or no and have no maybes.

2) Then complete the task. The definition of work to me is not effort but a completed task.

I used this productivity tip when answering your email.

2. John Rampton (Founder of

Cut your meetings in half. Whenever someone sends you a meeting request… ask/tell them that you only have half that time. It will help you have more time in every day. The average person wastes 17:34 for every 45 minutes in a meeting. This is unacceptable. Cut those meetings in half and blaze through them.

3. Dave Chesson (

Email sucks the life out of you, so kill it until you’re ready.

I used to lie to myself and think I needed my email box to be open at all times. There I would be, engaged in my writing when all of a sudden and email notification would pop-up. Just like that, I’d divert my attention to it, read it, and usually respond.

Now the worst part is that after that email, I’d have to re-divert my attention to what I was working on, find my place and get back in the zone. But let’s face it, ten minutes later, there’d be another email notification (If I’m lucky).

So, I killed my box. Instead I only open it before I start the day, and right before I close down for the day. That’s it. When I started doing this, there was still the same number of emails, however, I was no longer wasting brain power, or time switching back and forth between it all.

So, save your sanity, and save your time by killing your email program until you’re ready.

4. Chris Makara (Founder of Bulkly)

For me, the best productivity tip is to build out processes that are able to be scaled, replicated or automated. One example of this is to automate and schedule social media posts. Since I am no longer wasting hours each week scheduling content for my various social media profiles, I can now spend that time doing other things. And as an entrepreneur, there’s definitely no end to your “to-do” list…so when you have opportunities to streamline and reduce time spent on various tasks, you end up with more time to work on other things that aren’t as scalable.

5. Nick Loper (Founder of SideHustleNation)

For me, it’s been a couple things. The first is to write down your top 3 priorities for the next day the night before. In the morning, finish at least the first one before doing any other work, or diving into email or social media. The second thing that’s made a big impact is starting to only take meetings and calls one day a week. That’s freed up bigger blocks of “deep work” time the rest of the week to make more meaningful progress without all the constant interruptions.

6. Sam Hurley (Founder of OPTIM-EYEZ)

Block your time.

That means turning all notifications off and NOT responding ‘as and when’ notifications come through; only set one or two times to check and respond, per day. (Including emails, folks.)

Otherwise, your day’s activity isn’t conducive to productivity or growth!

I spent heaps and heaps of time on social media in my earlier stages, so I know the possible implications all too well…

In addition, use automation for everything that can be automated (but always balance automation with human input, where relevant.)

7. Zeb Welborn (Founder of Welborn Media)

#1 – Prioritize your to do list – When I first started my business, I committed myself to doing six things every day to grow my business. Now, my to do list is so much longer that I now prioritize the top 6 things I need to accomplish every day. I put the most important tasks up front so I accomplish those first. It’s important to be proactive in building your business and not reactive by responding to emails or putting out fires.

#2 – Use Google Drive – Google Documents and Google Sheets are a fantastic way to work with others on projects. I set up these documents and try to collaborate with others to help complete things faster and more efficiently. It’s amazing how many people are still sending files back and forth as opposed to working on a document together in Google Drive.

#3 – My last tip on productivity is setting time aside to read and learn. Learning from others will help avoid pitfalls and wasted time, effort, energy and money.

8. Eric Bandholz (Founder of

To answer this question, you actually need to re-think the question. Your goal shouldn’t be how do you get more done, but how do you get less done. By focusing on doing less, this allows you to implement and build systems that bring efficiencies to your business. It also allows you to delegate properly and scale the business; ultimately getting more done through the business and less from you.

So, what are you going to do now?

Will this be just another blog post you read for the day or will you pause for a moment and think of how you’re going to incorporate this in your life.

I mean do you think your life will improve if you just consume more information without taking action.

Because in the end it’s not about acquiring more information but implementation.