Search for the term “unboxing” on YouTube and you’ll discover almost 80 million results.

Filter your search results for “This Year”, and you’ll see over 50 million of those results are for the past year alone.

Unboxing videos have taken the video and marketing world by storm. Knowing unboxing videos are an incredibly hot trend is one thing, but capitalizing on this hot trend and maximizing the potential of your own unboxing videos is quite another story.

Adopting a best practices approach to your unboxing video creation efforts is an excellent way to stack the odds in your favor. And you don’t need a ton of professional equipment to make impactful videos for your product, just a mobile phone.

Whether you are making unboxing videos for your Shopify store or you want a Facebook video to promote the latest product to arrive at your brick-and-mortar store, knowing how to optimize your unboxing videos is essential.

Integrate the following best practices for unboxing videos into your e-commerce video marketing strategy and you’ll increase your odds of improved content marketing ROI.

Ready? Here goes!

Stack the odds in your favor with these best practices for your unboxing videos:

1. Unboxing videos are a critical component of an effective content marketing strategy.

They are particularly effective for e-commerce merchants wanting to offer potential customers an easy way to virtually experience products.

Unlike a brick-and-mortar store where consumers can touch and feel a product for sale, e-commerce merchants must rely on virtual interactions to convince customers of the worth of their products.

When you think of your unboxing videos as a virtual showroom or virtual fitting room for your products, you’ll get a better idea of the importance of thoroughness in your product presentations.

Part of the aim of any unboxing video is to allow your user to step into the unboxing experience by triggering their imagination about desiring to actually have what they see on the video in their life.

2. Pay particular attention to seasonal sales opportunities when creating your unboxing video strategy.

From holiday sales at Christmas to back-to-school sales opportunities, knowing your business’s cyclical sales opportunities will help drive your unboxing video strategy. Did we mention Black Friday…

Don’t create your videos just before a holiday is about to happen.

Create and post your videos months in advance so your video SEO (search engine optimization) efforts have time to work their magic.

3. Speaking of SEO, unboxing videos and search engine optimization are an essential combination.

Don’t just create unboxing videos without a detailed SEO strategy too.

Search engine optimization for your videos can include everything from keyword optimized titles and descriptions to transcriptions of your unboxing videos and blog posts with embedded unboxing videos.

The more detailed your SEO strategy, the greater your odds of unboxing video success.

4. Incorporate a sense of eagerness into your unboxing videos.

This isn’t the time to be dull or boring on camera.

Stir desire in your video viewers at the prospect of uncovering unexpected insights about your product. The more enticing your dialogue, the greater your chances of sales conversions are likely to be. For a channel that does this well, check out the Unbox Therapy YouTube channel.

Note: Be careful to not oversell the anticipation if you can’t deliver on your hype. A click-bait unboxing video that doesn’t deliver on its promise is worse than no unboxing video at all.

5. Offer detailed information about your products in an unboxing video.

You want consumers to come away from your videos with a complete understanding of your product.

Don’t assume they’ll pick up the phone and call your customer service line or email your business for answers to their queries.

6. Unboxing videos aren’t just for millennials or Generation Z consumers.

An unboxing video can offer important information to seniors looking for products or middle-aged consumers wanting to make informed purchasing decisions.

Be aware of buyer personas when creating your unboxing videos and target your dialogue accordingly.

7. Not all unboxing videos need to be recorded in advance.

Live-streaming is incredibly popular on multiple social media platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Periscope
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube

Consider incorporating livestreaming into your unboxing video strategy for maximum ROI with video-savvy consumers.

8. Lighting and video quality is essential for effective unboxing videos.

When viewers need to strain their eyes to see what you’re doing as you unpack a product, your chances of a sales conversion are slim.

Make sure your video shots are well lit with no glaring sunlight and that you’re using a video camera or smartphone that offers premium video content.

Pay attention to the caliber of your audio too or your video capturing efforts will have been in vain.

When You’re an Ecommerce Seller, Unboxing Videos are an Often Overlooked Yet Effective Strategy It’s Time to Take Advantage Of

Incorporate these eight best practices into your unboxing video strategy and you’ll be well on your way towards improved customer acquisition rates.

Unboxing videos can take time and effort to create, but the impact on your sales rates can make your brand marketing efforts worth the investment.

Will you be integrating unboxing videos into your business growth strategy this year?

This article originally appeared on Fulfillment Bridge and has been republished with permission.