Five hungry wolves (financial challenges, communication breakdowns, personal challenges, interpersonal conflicts, and stress-related problems) are chasing even the best and brightest among us. The social and economic cost of losing the race with wolves is staggering; because the wolves you are about to meet are insidiously, quietly attacking someone you know, lead, work for, or love. Every individual and organization is impacted by the race with wolves. Good news? Yes! Our ability to beat these wolves at their own game is real.

winning the race against challenges at work

Beating the wolves at their own game means embracing a new perspective because winning the race demands a new playbook that grows and morphs to help you use strengths, changes, challenges, stressors, and even failures to build:

  • Enhanced focus, ideation, strategic thought, and ability to learn-relearn faster (IQ)
  • Enhanced self-awareness, awareness of others, relationship skills, and resiliency (EQ)
  • Enhanced values, purpose, and integrity of thought and action (SQ)

Here are 7 practical powerful ways to start winning the race with wolves

  • Build essential 3Q leadership, communication and life skills that will grow and expand at the speed of change, in the face challenges. Skills that will help you beat the wolves at their own game.
  • Start your day the right way. Prime yourself to be happier. Science confirms we must prime our brains to be happy in order to optimize our brain power, health and longevity
  • Develop fast daily rituals that take you forward faster, better and happier. Take blank time (even five minutes) every 90 minutes as well as daily time for reflection and fun. Yes, book blank time, reflection time and fun time in to your daily schedule. You can spend a few minutes on each but it will be time WELL spent that will help you recharge, refocus and repurpose.
  • Build higher emotional intelligence, a critical leadership and life skill. Get in the know, because EQ/EI is built in the doing, and it is a skill most people and build throughout their lives.
  • Develop a community of purpose because success is a “me to we” equation that starts with developing real, virtual, or digital community of shared values and objectives. Celebrate YOUR ability to be the difference and make a difference. Nothing is more important! Building a better self, better team, better business unit, better organization and a better world starts with you.

We each have a critical role to play in our best life, best work environment, and best world. A role that starts when we decide to win the race with the wolves that are chasing us, one positive, purposeful step at a time. Yes, we can!

Image credit: ngaga35 / 123RF stock photo

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