seven ways strategic planning increases productivity

There are many benefits to strategic planning and over the years I have discovered seven ways strategic planning increases productivity.

Of course, there are more than seven ways strategic planning increases productivity however these have been the ones that have always given me the most benefit personally and professionally.

As an executive coach, I need to explain to my clients why our first step in working together is developing a strategic plan.

What is the purpose of a strategic plan?

Strategic planning helps you to document and establish a direction for your business. Assessing where you are now and where you want to be in the future will give you a baseline for success.

The strategic plan also gives you a place to record your mission, vision, and values that you can share with your team. Strategic planning means defining which goals should be met and what steps should be taken to achieve these goals.

Benefits of strategic planning

The strategic planning process can take some time, but as I say you must put the wood in to get the fire out!

Once you have a strategic plan, you’ll have a better idea of the goals and objectives you want to accomplish and a road map for success.

The process for your employees can also foster an increase in productivity and a sense of accomplishment while building your team.

Seven Ways Strategic Planning Increases Productivity:

Tracking Progress

This is crucial if you want to ensure that you are on the right path. By developing a progress tracking board, where all action steps needed and completed can be tracked is essential.

This way productivity can be measured, and any changes could be made to stay on track.

This will give you a benchmark on how much time it takes a team member to complete an activity.

Employee Involvement

Leaders that involve employees in the development of the strategic plan are more successful in implementation and accomplishment. Employees who are involved in the day-to-day operations have a unique view into what is working and what isn’t.

When we involve them in the process there tends to be more buy-in and ownership of the plan. This leads to an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction.

Time Management

Having a strategic plan is crucial to improving yours and your team’s time management. It helps scheduling events around important tasks and is crucial to your success.

When you become more aware of how you use your time it will be a resource for organizing, prioritizing, and achieving your goals.

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

Beginning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company and your team will help to identify areas for improvement. Self-analysis and self-awareness are critical at this point. The goal is to stay focused on solutions.

Creating a Proactive Business and Workforce

By the end of the strategic planning process, you and your team should have a clear direction of what to do and where you’re going. Simply, the process of engaging and communication with your team helps increase the odds that your strategic plan will be successful.

Sense of Accountability

In my experience, involving my team in the process led to a sense of accountability of most of the members. This also directly led to an increase in productivity and made our team much closer creating a positive work environment.

It didn’t matter whether they contributed to the process or were informed of the goals and objectives of the plan. My team members were more motivated and productive to help achieve our goals a a team!

Personal Satisfaction

Anytime you have a victory or complete an activity list it gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Just knocking off tasks one by one can give you a confidence boost.

I often tell my executive coaching clients and friends that a streak starts with one!

One win, one checked box off your To-Do List, gives you that sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction that we all need.

The reality is that nothing is ever perfect!

With only 24 hours in a day, we must learn to work more effectively and efficiently if we want to succeed and decrease the stress that life places upon us.

Strategic planning will push you to move on. Because sometimes it is better to just complete a task and move to another one. Perfect takes too long!

If the need occurs, you can always return to it and improve it later.

The fact is, In our modern world Simplicity, Speed, and Efficiency rules!

The bottom line is strategic planning enhances productivity. Because it also can make a person to feel confident and accomplished when things are getting done.

It really doesn’t make a difference in life who you are or what you’re doing, by developing a strategic plan you will be on your path with your game plan to success!

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