The goal of every entrepreneur like you in the e-commerce market is to manage your budget, most especially in website promotion, and gain generous profits with the least expense.

After all, no matter how great your product or services might be, if your target market isn’t aware of it, you will never get the earnings you are aiming for.

One of the very real challenges in website promotion, therefore, is how to increase your traffic and gain customers. It entails a certain amount of resourcefulness and the success or failure of your online business will depend on the effectiveness of your promotional campaign.

The basic formula for the so-called “bottom line” applies: revenue less cost equals income.

If your revenue is greater than cost, then you earn a profit. Inversely, if cost is greater than revenue, then you’re in the red and losing.

Your focus, therefore, should be to promote your website at minimal cost. But can it be achieved?

Website Promotion on a Budget: 7 Steps to Promote Your Website for Less (or Even Free)

7 Steps To Promote Your Website for Less (Or Even For FREE!)

There is no need to earmark a small fortune just to get your online business going.

A shoestring budget can be sufficient if you know how to strategize when it comes to website promotion.

Follow these steps to drive your online business forward and upward.

1. Create awareness of your business through social media

Given the huge number of online businesses nowadays, you have to play your cards right and work around your limited budget in order to do effective website promotion.

Since you obviously have more time than capital, use it by utilizing the power of social media.

There’s no argument that having a social media network is a good start to promote any business endeavor. It will pay handsome dividends if you can spread the word and make as many people aware that your business exists. Creating awareness is the fuse that will light up your path to success.

2. Learn the tools of the trade

Don’t expect your business to flourish with sheer luck. It doesn’t work that way in real life, and definitely not in the online universe.

There are things to be learned in every industry even if you have the money to invest. What is more important is to invest time and energy learning the tools of the trade.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the widely-used tool that can exponentially increase the traffic of your website. Educate yourself to be able to acquire the skills necessary. If you’re determined to succeed, you should be as passionate to learn them all.

3. Bring the meat to authority sites

Play the referral game
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Visibility is the hallmark of success in the online marketplace, and you can magnify your online presence if you engage in content marketing.

It’s a proven method to build a following and gain popularity.

There are boundless opportunities if you bring the ‘meat’ of your business to authority sites like and LinkedIn, among others.

Posting on these popular sites can do wonders without the need to dip into your pockets.

4. Play the referral game

In marketing, word-of-mouth is a recognized method to make strides in business.

Every satisfied customer is a potential marketing agent. It spreads like wildfire when your product delivers real value more than the actual cost.

In the online sphere, therefore, customer feedback is very important. Online customers online rely mostly on feedback from others which are perceived to be honest.

Any negative opinion could tremendously impact on business. This is the avenue where the performance of a website can be measured and the buy verdict is firmed up. So if you get a negative review, make sure to address it. You can’t afford to lose in the referral game.

5. Be a skillful blogger

Boost your business with infographics

Blogging is lending a personal touch which you alone can express in order to stimulate curiosity, if not responsiveness, among your potential customers.

It is also considered one of the best branding strategies in online marketing.

So when you are making your website, make sure it has a blog.

Add content regularly and update the information you provide. Increasing website traffic, after all, is one of the benefits of a well-crafted blog.

6. Boost your business with infographics

Visual presentations are always vital in e-commerce. Online consumers are easily bored with dull and lame product presentations. They are captivated and able to digest information better if you use infographics.

You’re certain to derive benefits when your infographic is shared across social media portals. It’s another way to create brand awareness online without having to drown customers with tons of information. Just keep your infographic simple enough for them to capture your message.

7. Email blasting is still a viable alternative

Email blasting is still a viable alternative

If you compare email marketing to the first six steps listed here, it might appear it has outlived its usefulness. However, if you’re tight on the budget, any option to generate business is a welcome tool. Thus, there’s potential gain in email blasting.

It would be wise to maintain an email list, even a small one. There are email management services that offer free email lists for startups. You start paying monthly fees only when your business has taken flight and meet a volume target.

Email marketing still works. You don’t have to take our word for it, try it out and see for yourself.

Know the Consciousness of Online Customers

The consumer shift to online shopping is taking its toll on department stores given the declining customer traffic.

You can take advantage of this current trend by following the steps shared above to promote your website with the least cost possible. However, it is still important to analyze and study the consciousness of the online shopper who are now both discriminating and perceptive.

Employ the best marketing tools and strategies, and at the same time, make sure that your offers meet customer expectations. With great products and these steps to on implementing website promotion strategies wisely, you will soon see your bottom line improve.