Quick question for you…

What are you doing today that is going to have an impact in your business or what you do 60 days from now?

Okay, let’s make this very obvious…

Let’s take out a calendar and find the exact day and date that is 60 days from today.

Now write down what you’ve already done today and what you have planned for today that will have an impact on that date.

This is kind of a trick exercise because just about everything you are doing today has a direct impact.

But does it have the outcome that matches you vision. Can you clearly describe the outcome of your daily activities 60 days in the future?

It’s Lookin’ in the Mirror Time

We get so caught up in our day to day activities that we don’t take time to analyze our current efforts. If you’ve followed our site and updates for a while hopefully you don’t think I’m preaching… I (we) fall into this trap often ourselves.

Here’s what I’ve done and something worth trying and putting into your own schedule (it’s about to get real).

I’ve set an alarm over the next 7 days that will go off at random times. I’ve made a commitment that when that blaring alarm goes off I’ll take a few minutes to write down what I worked on so far that day and how it will have a direct impact 60 days in the future.

This is where clarity begins to happen. Sure we might have long term plans but it’s those tiny steps that help us achieve them.

Future You vs Past You

Finally, in 60 days it’s important to circle back with the past you. Did past you match future you, or is future you kicking past you because past you got caught in the same loop (or distractions) that didn’t help you achieve your vision?

If future you isn’t happy with past you then it might be time to readjust, reassess and change direction, I know this exercise has helped me check myself.

Image by danielmoyle.