We all have been told that it doesn’t matter what others think of us, and it should only matter what we think and know about ourselves. While this is good advice, when people are your bread and butter, knowing what they think of your business is important. In the healthcare field, what your customers are thinking could be the difference between success and failure. In this post we will reveal 6 ways to find out what your patients think of your practice. Let’s get started!

Ask them


It may seem obvious, but have you asked your patients what they think? By simply asking, whether it is in general discussion, by way of online survey, or even in-office forms, knowing how your patients feel is important. Some may not be willing to share in person, but would be open to completing a survey while they wait to see you! Asking your patients directly what they think of your practice is a great way to see how they feel and what they like or do or do not like.

Ask others

Another way to know what your patients are thinking is asking what others have heard about your practice. Do your patients tell their friends they enjoy your service? Do other providers get back to you and share the feedback your referral patient brought to their office appointment? Patients are probably sharing their thoughts with others about your practice. It may even be most accurate to hear what patients think of your practice.

Follow their actions

Do your patients bring in referrals for you? Do they tell you that they shared the amazing care you delivered with their friends and family? Are they sitting in your waiting room or are your seats empty? What your patients do can be very telling of what they think. If they are sharing your card, telling you about the referrals they may have made for you, or even asking feedback on their loved one’s care may mean they trust and value your perspective.

Compare the numbers

Numbers are not everything, but they can be a sign of your success. Looking at your number of patients over time is a helpful way to decipher what your customers think about your business. With so many healthcare practices out there, options are pretty endless. If your numbers are on a steady decline, and it is not linked to remarkable healthy outcomes, it may be your patients indicating to you that things are not going as well as you think. Compare numbers over time to see if patterns exist and if there are ways to identify places to improve upon.

Website reviews


Another key area for your customers to leave feedback in online.If your practice is listed on social media sites and review pages, seeing what the feedback says can be a big help in gauging your patients’ overall perception. Online reviews are usually a very honest depiction of a customer’s experience. Take an Internet stroll and see what is out there!

Check the seats

Are they warm? If your chairs are empty, filled with late cancellations and no-shows, it may be singling a lack of respect for you and your practice. By having chairs with rear-ends in them, patients who call ahead and keep appointments can signal a high degree of respect of your services.

Understanding what people are thinking about your practice can help you make decisions to keep that positive energy going or make some course corrections. One cannot really know what people think about your practice without looking at the various ways people express those options. By following the various methods to assess what your patients think of your practice, you can rest easier knowing you are meeting their needs. If there is room for improvement, you will be better equipped to fix whatever is keeping you from receiving the coveted “best provider out there” title.