Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so, you will have heard something about the latest gadget to take the tech world by storm – Google Glass.

The internet giant’s latest offering is basically a pair of spectacles that can carry out a variety of functions similar to a smartphone by users giving it voice commands. These include, but are not limited to, taking photos and videos, translating text, GPS navigation, Google Search and much more.

We’ve already covered the potential of Google Glass and privacy concerns surrounding it in a previous blog, but this time we wanted to take a look at how it will affect the job interview process as candidates and recruiters do all they can to gain an edge on their competition.

The invention of Google Glass could completely change up the interview process, and here’s some of the ways how:

1) Preparing For An Interview

Traditionally, when a candidate is on the way to a job interview, they’ll be frantically flicking through notes, rehearsing interview answers in their head and doing last minute research on their smartphone.

Google Glass could make this situation a lot simpler by allowing the candidate to view their interviewers’ LinkedIn profiles, check out some last-minute interview tips or go over their notes – all without lifting a finger.

2) Navigating

A simple one, but rather than fumbling with their smartphone map and stressing out when their battery runs low, wouldn’t it be nice for candidates to have a clear mind and have the directions to their interview location right in front of their eyes?

Hang on – they’ve forgotten to bring a pen! No worries, they can just ask Google Glass for the nearest stationary shop – yes, they might look a bit weird talking about stationary on their own in the middle of the street, but at least they’ll be prepared!

interviewer3) Getting Pumped Up

So the candidate has turned up too early after being so organised with Google Glass, and they need a bit of motivation before they head in for the interview.

Glass: search YouTube for Eye Of The Tiger – Rocky Montage!

4) Making The Interview Process More Interactive

From a hiring manager’s point of view, Google Glass could come in handy in a number of ways.

One of these is if there are other hiring managers who couldn’t make the interview, they could watch a live stream of the meeting via Google Glass video calls, and even send text messages with additional questions to their colleague in the interview room, and these notes would pop up in front of their eyes – clever!

Obviously, this whole situation would have to be agreed to by the candidate in the first place, otherwise you may have a privacy case on your hands!

5) Fact-Checking A Candidate

As a candidate reels off information about themselves and their achievements, the interviewer could have his or her CV in front of their eyes secretly, as well as any websites the candidate may mention during the interview.

For example, say the candidate claimed to have built up a 15,000-strong Twitter following in their old job, the interviewer could instantly pull up that Twitter account using Google Glass to fact-check this piece of information.

6) Ace The First Day In The Job

Once the candidate has (hopefully) landed the job, they will be desperate to make the best possible impression on their first day in their new role.

Google Glass cold allow them to quickly make notes on names, passwords etc, map out the office layout or set reminders for certain tasks while they get to grips with the working-day schedule – all without the need for a computer or pen and paper!

So there we go, some ideas on how Google Glass could revolutionise the job interview process!

What do you think about Google Glass and its effect on the recruitment industry? Is it a welcome modernisation or the whole process, or just a fad that will pass with time?