6 ways to explode your snapchat engagement

Want to know why you aren’t getting more people watching your stories? Did you jump onto Snapchat and are floundering around like a fish out of water trying to figure out if Snapchat is worth your time? Well, the reason you are struggling is because your snap stories are boring to watch!

But let me be your Ben-Kenobi and I promise these 6 ways will increase your Snapchat engagement and make your story fun to watch!

#1 Storyboard Your Ideas

Often, people forget to have a strategy when they are getting into Snapchat. They buy into the hype, download the app, and just start posting random cat photos. Well, every story needs a strategy and this is where storyboarding comes in.

If you want your engagement to go up and people to get excited about what you’re doing, think about the story before you post it. Take 60 seconds to write out your idea, and storyboard it.

Once your storyboard is complete, look at how you can create some depth in the story. Use Snapchat to “show” and not “tell” your message. An example of “telling your message” is doing a 10-minute rant… with the camera pointed at your face. Showing your story is saying the message using imagery and symbolism.

#2 Encourage Your Audience to Participate

If you want to increase your Snapchat engagement, ask your viewers to become participants in your story. Create some interactive component to your story and allow them to feel like they have a say in the outcome. This can be a simple stop motion animation where you ask people to tap the screen.

Another way is, you can “survey your audience” and ask them to vote for an option by taking a screen shot. One day you can grow to be as advanced as one of Shaunayala Snapchat stories, like this one!

Audience participation has become a pillar of growth in my Snapchat stories. The more I focus on creating content that has that component, the more views I receive.

#3 Pass the Spotlight to Your Community

Getting your audience to participate in the story is awesome. Taking them to the next level, where you get to make them the highlight of the story is even better.

Showing everyone how amazing your audience is and putting them on center stage to participate in the creation of your story is a great way to boost engagement. This can be as simple as a weekly game like my “throwback Thursday lip sync battle,” or Blake Crofts “Sad Singing Sundays.” You could also make it more complex like how @AaronFPS had people vote where to go in his #shareacoke challenge.

#4 Use the Native Tools

One of the fastest ways to kill your engagement on Snapchat is to use Snapchat as a mirror and forget all the native tools. Nobody wants to stare at your big dumb face all day!

Snapchat is amazing for creating engaging and interesting content. You can draw on your snaps, you can add emojis to highlight points, you can use silly face filters, or the speed up, slow down, and rewind filters.

There are tons of options available to you when trying to make your Snapchat story more entertaining to watch. It is a creative sin not to use one or more of those features in every snap.

#5 Create a Hook in the Beginning

With the new Snapchat autoplay feature, there are even more people consuming content in Snapchat. The autoplay allows users who don’t normally look for our content to stumble upon us and join our viewers for the day. To increase your Snapchat engagement you’ll have to increase the number of views too. A simple way to do this is, with a great hook.

In the beginning, hook your audience to let people know exactly what the Snapchat story is about. This can draw people in and say “hmm I want to see what this story is about!”

#6 Create Secrecy in your CTA

The final way to increase your engagement in Snapchat is to create secrecy in your call-to-actions. Don’t always give away the house and the farm! Leave a little mystery in what you are doing.

Ask people to snap you back to know what this awesome thing is you’re offering, or to find out more. This is a great way to get more qualified interaction.

Just putting a link up to your latest blog post doesn’t drive that much traffic. However, giving value in advance on Snapchat, and asking people to snap you back for some more tips will. When they snap you back and you say, “the last tip is on this link,” you can bet it drives traffic.

Oh, and if you want more awesome Snapchat tips, grab this free 9-day Snapchat training here.

Those are 6 ways to increase your Snapchat engagement and make your stories more enjoyable to watch, but I am sure that isn’t all.

What other ways have you found to drive engagement in Snapchat? Let us know in the comments!