That time of year is fast-approaching where everyone is motivated to reach their goals and start the new year off fresh. But when was the last time you accomplished your New Year’s resolutions? It’s probably been awhile. It’s exciting to think about your goals on January 1st but it’s hard to keep up with them once the holiday cheer dies down.

So, instead of just focusing on your goals in January, you need to work towards your goals all year round. Creating goals will help you grow your business and improve your life in general. But how do you stay on track and accomplish what you set out to do?

With just a few tips you can set yourself up for success. Check out these six tips to help you crush your goals in 2019.

1. Write down your goals.

Writing down your goals will help keep them at the top of your mind and help you reach them easier. According to studies, students who physically took notes received a memory boost compared to people who took notes on a laptop. This strategy can be used for your goal setting too. Instead of just keeping your goals in your head or in an online document you never see, writing them down will help set them in stone and keep them in your mind.

Visually seeing your goals every day will help keep you motivated as well. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you could even just write them down on a sticky note and place it where you can see it daily. Writing down your goals will help you walk the walk, instead of just talking the talk.

2. Break down your goals.

If you want to achieve a huge goal in 2019, break your big goal down into smaller tasks. Breaking your big goals into smaller, more manageable chunks will help you reach your goals easier. Instead of looking at a huge goal and stressing out over how you will accomplish it, you’ll be able to look at small goals related to your big goal that are easy to deal with.

For instance, if your big goal is to gain 10,000 subscribers on your blog, write down specific tasks on how you’re going to get there. One task could be to publish more content, so make a goal to start posting twice a week. Then assign yourself a task to create a freebie like a guide to encourage your website visitors to subscribe. Another task could be to promote your blog more on social media. Once you check off all of these tasks you’ll be much closer to your goal of reaching 10,000 subscribers.

3. Be consistent.

An important step to crushing your goals is to always be consistent. A lot of people make goals and start off really strong, working towards that goal everyday, but then slowly start losing momentum. If you want to reach your goals, you can’t let that happen to you. So how do you stay consistent?

A great way to stay consistent is to make a schedule or a routine and stick to it. Whether you use a wall calendar, a daily planner, or a scheduling app like Google Calendar, set aside an hour each day or a few times a week to work on tasks that will help you reach your goals. Once you start following your schedule for awhile it will become second-nature.

4. Keep track of your progress.

Another important step to crushing your goals next year is to keep track of your progress. Keeping track of your progress will allow you to regularly check in on how you’re doing. You can take note of where you are in your journey and adjust your habits accordingly to stay on track.

You can use a goal tracking app like Strides to make keeping track of your progress simple and fun. Strides has 4 unique tracker types including habit, target, average and project. You can see all of your goals and progress in the dashboard and they have charts that highlight streaks and success rates to keep you motivated.

5. Find people to help you.

While you may be able to reach your personal goals all by yourself — like eating healthier or reading more books — rarely in business can you achieve your goals without a little help.

Perhaps you can find a mentor at your company who can give you valuable advice on how to reach your goal. Or if you want to reach 1 million followers on Instagram in 2019, maybe it’s time to hire a social media manager to help you reach your goals. Even if you don’t have someone to help you directly, it helps to have peers who know about your goals so they can help keep you accountable.

6. Motivate yourself with rewards.

If you really want to push yourself to crush your goals in the new year, consider motivating yourself with rewards. Looking forward to the reward you’ll give yourself when you reach your goals will give you an added incentive to accomplish everything you’ve set out for yourself in the new year.

Maybe you’ve got your eye on a new laptop or a new pair of shoes — don’t buy it for yourself until you accomplish your goals. You could even go really big and reward yourself with a vacation for crushing your business goals. Whether the reward is big or small, it will help you work harder to succeed.

Congratulations, you’re now closer to making your business resolutions a reality in 2019. Now get out there and start planning your goals. With these tips to help you crush your goals, anything you put your mind to will be easily achieved.