In many ways, running a modern email marketing campaign is like walking on a tightrope that needs balancing between delivering useful content and sending promotional sales material to recipients in your contact list. You have to know which side to concentrate on as you proceed along the wire or else fall off and disappoint your audience. As such, let’s try to see what we can learn from tightrope walkers and apply them to our email campaign.

1. Know that spectators’ expectations differ. While you may simply see the crowd as a single entity, the individual level tells a different story in terms of expectations from your high-wire act. Some might be anticipating some sort of a heart-stopping performance while others might simply be contented with an uneventful crossing. It works the same way for your contact list recipients. But, unlike the tightrope example, you have the ability to appeal to specific audience groups through proper segmentation in email marketing.

2. Deliver what the crowd came for. Once you start making your way down the wire, you have to make a genuine effort to put on a great show and strive to meet everybody’s expectations. Of course, you don’t do this in one go, but at various points in your performance. The same holds true for email marketing. You don’t try to please everybody with just one email blast – it just won’t work. Instead, you continually engage with different audience segments at different times.

3. Learn to shift your weight. As you proceed along the tightrope, you’ll find the tendency to hobble toward either side at specific points on the wire. To compensate for this and avoid falling, you need to shift your weight to the opposite side until balance is restored. In email marketing, this is identical to how you should distribute your focus between telling and selling. You shouldn’t have too much of either.

4. Trust the wire you’re walking on. Without confidence placed on the very thing that keeps you in the air while tightrope walking, your doubts will eat away your ability to concentrate with what you’re supposed to be doing. Think of the rope as your email campaign itself. If you’re not sure about the soundness or quality of component in your business contact list for your campaign, you’ll end up hesitating to take decisive steps like send a promotional email at the right opportunity.

5. Keep the end of the rope in focus. It’s always better to make sure the part of the tightrope that meets the other platform is always within your sight. Don’t look to the sides and, most of all, don’t look down. Working with email lists for marketing is essentially the same. Keep your goals in mind and strive to achieve them without fail.

6. Have a safety net in place – always. Even with all your practice and preparation, there will always be a chance for failure. That’s the whole point of having some kind of safety net placed underneath. Similarly, email campaigns with your marketing and sales contact database is likewise riddled with uncertainties. It’s good practice to always have some sort of a backup plan or contingency measure to fall back on when things don’t go your way.

Again, the whole point of taking the tightrope as an analogy for email campaigns is that, as email marketers, we’re caught in a balancing act between providing value-added content and purely promotional sales material. While it’s vital to deliver educational or enriching content for our prospects, it’s also necessary for us to make our offers and actually get the revenue engines running. The important point here is to really be aware where in the campaign you and your target buyers are and understand what they expect from you at such point.