One of the biggest obstacles in sales is figuring out how to get past gatekeepers. We went ahead and gathered some foolproof ways to reach the decision maker of any company. Learn how to get in touch with almost anyone by using these key strategies.

1. Data-Driven Approach

There are a lot of articles out there that will tell you which time of day is best for cold calling or emailing. The truth is, each industry is unique. Knowing how to answer this question for yours is vital.

How many sales calls do you typically make in a day? What time of day do you schedule them? Are you measuring your results as you go along? And, most importantly, do you have an intelligent database in which to track and assess this precious data?

A great CRM can help you track this type of information. You can accurately determine the best times and methods for getting past gatekeepers based on the information you’ve gathered from past experiences.

Thinking in these terms puts you a step ahead of the game. Go the extra mile by implementing these data-driven strategies into your daily routine for maximum effect. A science-based approach to sales is not only more effective, but can also help you duplicate success in the future for faster results.

2. Be Honest

We already know you have integrity, so why sacrifice that by putting too much spin on a sales call? Gatekeepers are exhausted by the constant barrage of annoying and generic phone conversations. They have a job to do so don’t waste their time. Communicate with them in a manner they’ll both appreciate and respect.

If you want to cut straight to the decision maker, give them the real reason you’re calling (in a sentence or two) and be as candid as possible.

Are you trying to sell the decision maker something? Say what it is and why you think they will benefit from it. It really can be that simple.

The best assistants and administrators know what their boss needs. If what you are selling fills that void, a gatekeeper will do whatever they can to get you in front of the decision maker, cutting your workload in half.

3. Get Personal

Networking pros already know this trick. Utilize any information you have about the decision maker to form a strong connection. This can range from knowing their favorite sports team to acknowledging people you have in common.

This method doesn’t require a lot of your time either. Vorsight came up with an interesting method they dub “the 3×3.” Spend three minutes learning three things about the person that you can bring up in your next immediate discussion with the decision maker. A simple Google search should do the trick!

This is also very useful for getting past gatekeepers. Don’t be afraid to mention you saw they liked the Dallas Cowboys on LinkedIn and whether or not you think they’ll win this season.

At the end of the day, we want to work with people we like, and basic psychology tells us that we like people we can be personal with.

And, for the love of sales, please make sure to remember the name of any administrator you speak with. It’s a small task that will leave a big impact.

4. Contact the Boss’s Boss

Another excellent approach for cutting straight to the decision maker is to go above them and directly to the person who approves all of their decisions.

An email sent to a mid-level decision maker from a stranger holds little importance. An email sent to a mid-level decision maker from their higher up? Game changer.

Your message will be adorned with that powerful little flag and you’re almost certainly guaranteed a response.

If you don’t hear from anyone within a week, be sure to follow up – they wouldn’t want their boss asking why they haven’t contacted you yet!

5. Write Out Your Voicemails

You did it! You’re finally past the gatekeeper and are being transferred to the decision maker’s extension when you are confronted by the dreaded voicemail.

Reaching the voicemail can be daunting – you’re either being politely ignored or maybe they really are in a meeting. Either way it’s impossible to know for sure.

What most sales representatives fail to recognize is that the voicemail is yet another marketing tool they can use to close the sale. There isn’t a single decision maker who leaves their voicemail unchecked.

Use this valuable air time as your own personal radio show and let the decision maker know all the persuasive reasons why they should call you back. Writing this sales script out ahead of time leaves no margin for error.

6. Give More Than You Get

We’re sure you know the importance of giving more than you receive, but have you applied this practice to reaching a decision maker?

Use the excellent marketing content your team has produced to help solve problems the decision maker is facing. Send them an informative article from time to time. Share a case study that explores similar industry challenges they may be facing. Be generous with your resources and watch your relationship blossom.

Reaching decision makers can be a difficult task, but eventually, you will break through and create a greater network for your business. These six tips are a great way to start thinking about how you can cut straight to decision makers, but if you’ve been inspired to ramp up your strategy and win more sales, check out our sales resources page!