While the buzz around Pokémon Go is a viral marketing success story itself, we noticed in playing the game that capturing Pokémon and capturing revenue with events have some crossover tips. Here are six tips that will help you improve your event strategy and your Pokémon catching strategy:

1. Evolve your pipeline

Tips For Capturing Pokemon (And Revenue With Events)

Pokémon Tip: While it’s possible to find powerful Pokémon in the wild, the best way to get a truly powerful Pokémon is to start with a weaker Pokémon and evolve it to reach its most powerful form.

Event Marketing Tip: While it’s possible to generate a high-quality lead from an event, the best way to close higher value deals is to use your events to accelerate your existing pipeline. Events serve as the perfect way to “evolve” an account to the next stage of the buying cycle.

2. Attract the right people

Pokémon Tip: It isn’t easy to find high-quality Pokémon near your location. Pokémon Go allows you to use special items to draw Pokémon to your location.

Event Marketing Tip: Your event needs a good invitation strategy and an attractive landing page to get your target accounts to register and attend. Getting the right people in the room is the first step to a revenue-generating event.

3. Go where your target accounts are

Pokémon Tip: If you stay in the same area, you’ll only keep finding more of the same Pokémon. You need to physically go to new locations to continue to find new Pokémon.

Event Marketing Tip: When you are hosting a big event, it makes sense to have your customers and prospects come to you. But if you want to engage more of your target accounts in person, you need to host an event in their city. A roadshow event strategy will help you get more face time with more high-value accounts

4. Know who’s around

Pokémon Tip: The game gives players a chance to see what Pokémon are in their area so they know if it’s worth staying in the general location to find a specific one. Your phone will also vibrate when a Pokémon appears in your area, so you don’t have to stare at your phone waiting for one to appear.

Event Marketing Tip: At events, it’s important to know who’s going to be there so your sales team is prepared for those conversations. Just like your phone buzzes when a Pokémon appears in your area, your on-site team should also get mobile alerts when their contacts arrive to make sure they make the most of the opportunity to connect with customers and prospects in-person.

5. Focus on accounts over leads

Pokémon Tip: In the game, there are a number of common, low-level Pokémon that on their own, don’t seem worth catching. But if you catch enough of the same type of Pokémon, you will be able to evolve it to a much more powerful Pokémon.

Event Marketing Tip: When you only look at leads from events, you may miss the big picture of what accounts those leads are coming from. Taking a strategic account-based selling approach means even lower-level contacts at an account are worth engaging to help you close a deal.

6. Have access to the right data on the go

Pokémon Tip: The game gives you quick and easy access to your Pokémon collection and detailed stats on each of them. It’s important to pay attention to this info to strategize on which Pokémon to use in battle and which Pokémon are ready to evolve to the next stage.

Event Marketing Tip: When your team is at an event, you need to be able to quickly and easily access data on attendees from your CRM and marketing automation platform. Mobile access to this contextual data will help your team have better, more personalized conversations with attendees to help strengthen relationships.