I have always been extremely adamant about showing others that we only have one life, and we must live it to the fullest. This includes building your dream business. We are programmed to work a job to pay the bills; even if we are unhappy with that job, we still stay. And when that happens our dream of building a business fueled by our passion takes a back seat to the perpetual work commutes, check to check paydays and not getting paid what we truly deserve.

Now if you love your job and you have found happiness in your dream career, this post may not be for you. This is for those who would love to start a business that they are proud of and create the income that they desire – all while pursuing a dream. I can tell you.. the feeling of accomplishing this is amazing.

I walked away from corporate America in September of 2014 and I haven’t looked back since. I have been able to build a business doing what I love and maintain or exceed the income that I was making back then.

You first have to decide what you really want to do. Do you desire to ultimately leave your job and work for yourself full time? It’s absolutely possible, but you do have to have a plan in place BEFORE you leave. I am not telling you to flip a desk and walk out of your job while screaming “I QUIT!!” at this very moment! You have to be smart about making this type of decision for you and your family.

Here are 6 tips to building your business while working a job..so that you can ultimately create the life that you want:

1) Measure Your Desire to Change– You have to have it set in your mind that you have had enough and that you deserve to go after what you want. If you are just having a bad day at the office, that may not necessarily be an indication that it’s time to quit your job (unless every day is like this!) Are you fed up? Do you literally get mad at the entire world when you pull up to the doors to your workplace? !f so, you may want to weigh your options and make some changes. Most people don’t make a change for themselves until it gets to the point that they don’t even have another option. Don’t let it get that far. Repair your roof while the sun is still shining.

2) Give Yourself a Realistic Time Frame – I remember the day that I had truly had enough. I was so done and wanted MORE and I knew working for someone else wasn’t going to allow me to live how I really wanted to. I gave myself 12-18 months to prepare myself to leave. I created an exit strategy if you will. Which included #3. Keep reading.

3) Evaluate Your Bills, Expenses & Monetary Goals – Sit down with all of your bills and expenses. Calculate how much money you are spending on a monthly basis, figure out what items you can cut, and create a budget. Also, and this is just a suggestion, while you’re working your business and on the job, work to get your business income to match your job income. This way you can get used to feeling what it would be like if your job income were to go away.

4) Run Your Business on Your Lunch Break – and during bathroom breaks, during your commute to and from your job, after the kiddies go to bed, etc. This is exactly what I did. Anytime I had some down time, I used that to make calls, send and reply to emails, hosted conference calls, sold products and made deliveries and everything. You are going to have to work double time to accomplish this (which won’t feel like extra work if it’s something that you love doing, right?). You’ll also need to have great time management skills and a planner.

5) Join a Direct Sales Opportunity & STACK YOUR BREAD – Most people think that if you join a network marketing or direct sales company that you are automatically supposed to use it to make full-time job money or make millions or something, which you absolutely could. However, how about working it part time? Even if you bring in $100 or $200 a week, that’s great money to use to invest in your dreams and use as start-up capital for your passion. This is what I did. I used the money that I made in my network marketing business to fund my other businesses and I also saved some of it. I put my savings in a separate bank account that I couldn’t easily touch. This served as my cushion account for when I actually left my job.

6) Invest in Yourself and Your Dream – Once your income starts to increase by working both your job and your business, it’s time to allocate the funds where you need them. Invest in you. Take classes, attend workshops, read more books, etc. Do these things to help you to become a better entrepreneur and to also mentally prepare yourself to ‘fire your boss. You can also invest in products, inventory, etc. Whatever you need to pursue your dreams.

Making the shift from employee to entrepreneur is a large feat, but with proper planning and education, you can do it! I encourage you to do whatever you can to live a happy life and pursue your dreams. Don’t fall into the category of regretful people who wish they could do something, but just don’t. Have faith. I believe that we were all put on this earth with a specific purpose. Go after what is promised to you. Will it be hard? Maybe. But it will be absolutely worth it.

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