In business, it’s likely that you will experience some form of startup burnout – or worse – boredom. This is because starting a business is a marathon and sometimes even marathoners feel like they need to take a step back. The problem is when we mistake rest of laziness or lack of motivation. When this happens, we find ourselves not moving forward and it’s very difficult to get motivated.

I know because I recently experienced this. I reached a specific goal I had in mind and decided to take things a little easier. But after a few months, I noticed an interesting shift. My business was running well, but I was personally bored and unmotivated. Fortunately, I didn’t slip back into self-sabotaging behavior because I know how to get motivated when I need it.

If you’re currently experiencing something similar, here are a few ways you can get motivated again so your business can grow even more.

Realize it’s human nature at play

Humans are funny creatures. We do the strangest things to sabotage our own progress. At the same time, we’re never really satisfied.

Let me address the sabotage first. At this stage in my career, I’ve had thousands of conversations with people about their mindset. One common theme I’ve noticed is that we unknowingly sabotage ourselves because of beliefs we hold about money and success.

For example, I was sabotaging myself earlier this year. I said “I’ve reached my goal of $9,000 to $10,000 a month. I don’t need any more than that. I’m satisfied.”

Well, that’s what I was saying but it’s not what I was thinking. I was actually thinking “This is my limit I can’t make more than this. It’s not possible for me.” So, I started to sabotage.

It’s often said that successful people are masters of their own psychology and we really need to become aware of this negativity bias that holds us back and how it manifests. One way in which it does so is lack of motivation.

Now let’s address the second point. You often hear people telling you to just be satisfied with what you have. Well, that doesn’t really work with human nature. We’re wired to want to grow because fulfillment lies in expansion. That’s why I got bored after a few months of reaching my initial goal and not doing anything to meet a new one.

By realizing your lack of motivation may just be human nature at play, you can more easily choose to snap out of it and get motivated.

Put yourself in a room with other ambitious people.

Part of what helps me get motivated is to surround myself with other ambitious people. That’s what I did a few weeks ago when I attended a mastermind retreat.

I walked in bored and dissatisfied with my business. I walked out re-engaged and excited again. In fact, I took on a big project and now I’m about to have my highest grossing month ever.

Sometimes we need to be around other people who are doing big things to show us what’s possible. Other times, we need to them to see through our self-sabotaging behavior and tell us what’s up.

That’s what these people did for me at that retreat and it’s why I continue to invest in being in these kinds of rooms. I already have another event lined up for later this month.

Find your why

Another way to get motivated again is to find your why. Why did you start this business? Why does it matter to you?

Although money is important, people rarely get into business just for money. They get into business to solve a problem in that marketplace. What is that problem and how does your business solve it? Also, how does that make the world a better place?

For example, I had to remind myself that my business training programs offer a major service to the world. I know this because I see the messages in my inboxes all the time from people who are struggling financially. Or, they are struggling to get their own businesses off the ground.

This means multiple things. It means I need to make some money so I can reach more people and help them. It means I need to get the messages out there. Additionally, it means I need to find ways to improve my offerings. And finally, it means I need to bring my podcast back.

Do all of these things lead to more money in my bank account? Yes. But once you reach a level of boredom in your business money isn’t really a motivator. What is a motivator is remembering about the people you help.

hit your monthly goal

Set a bigger goal

During my stint of lack of motivation, I read a book by Grant Cardone called The 10X Rule. In it, he explains the importance of big goals.

First, as I already mentioned, humans like to expand. He’s quick to mention how that’s not a bad thing and encourages people to 10x their current goal. This took my goal from a six-figure business to a seven-figure one.

Second, if we have our eyes set on a goal or purpose, we don’t have time for petty problems. This one hit home for me because I found myself wrapped up in petty personal life problems back when I was bored. These problems were, in turn, negatively affecting my business. At the time, I didn’t realize my boredom opens the door for these types of problems to come into my life. The antidote is to set bigger goals so you don’t have the time for nonsense and you can get motivated again.

About 24 hours after reading this book, I started to implement some of it’s practices. I saw immediate results and am now on track to have my highest grossing month ever. The demand got so crazy I’m now in the process of onboarding two new team members to help me keep up.

Help someone else

A great way to get motivated again – especially when we’re bored or in a funk – is to help someone else. This not only helps you get motivated, it also opens up a floodgate of abundance and opportunity.

For example, I helped a friend create a budget for his finances. This isn’t a part of my business. It’s just a labor of love I do for people in my personal life who need it. Helping him get his act together and seeing his reaction was amazing and helped me realize I can do a lot to help people.

Not only did I feel better, but my business started booming shortly afterward. I don’t know if it’s because I was feeling better or because of some universal principle of repayment. What I do know is that it’s not a coincidence.

Bring on help

Part of the reason why I was feeling unmotivated was that I was also feeling overwhelmed. I was scared to get bigger because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it alone (there’s that self-sabotage again).

Fortunately, I got over that. I hired a new business manager, outsourced more of my PR and am now looking for a salesperson. Knowing that I have other people supporting me is helping me to get motivated again.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes our ability to get motivated again has more to do with what’s going on internally than externally. Other times it’s external problems that can be fixed. Whichever it is, you can overcome a slump and find your motivation again.