Summer 1Summer is on its way. The sun is coming out, it’s getting warmer, and the grass is actually becoming greener. As staying outdoors becomes more and more tempting, it can be harder to stay focused in the office. But there are ways to celebrate the summer weather without ignoring a flooded inbox:

1. Take a quick walk

Take a break from facing the computer screen to go for a quick 10-15 minute walk outside. No matter where the office is located, soaking in some Vitamin D has been proven to boost mood and increase mental function. The short break can also give your brain time to subconsciously work on persistent problems or to brainstorm.

2. Bring summer inside

Add a little summer cheer to the office: bring in photos of favorite summer memories, switch from hot to iced coffee or tea, or pack summer themed lunches, such as leftovers from a cookout or a fresh summer salad. Incorporating a little sunshine into the work day inside makes it easier not to be distracted by the nice weather outside.

3. Stay professional

No matter how high the temperature climbs, leave the flip flops and shorts at home. Even in casual work environments, bringing beach attire into the office can affect focus and productivity. Dress comfortably for the heat, but don’t let professional standards slip.

4. Focus on deadlines

The urge to get out of work and into the nice weather understandably increases in the summer months. Avoid counting down the hours until the workday ends; instead approach each day’s work as a series of deadlines. What are the deliverables you’re accountable for today? Activities outside the office may be tempting, but the workday shouldn’t end until each deadline has been hit and every project completed.

5. Plan rewards

Longer daylight hours means it’s possible to put in an extra hour of work and still have time for fun during the evenings. Plan a reward for the end of the day – whether it’s dinner with friends, a summer concert, or a happy hour – and work hard to earn it.

6. Get the most out of weekends

Plan bigger activities for the weekends. Catch up with family and spend time with friends. Run errands like grocery shopping or laundry so they don’t demand attention on weeknights, allowing for more time and freedom after work.