Digital banking is not a new trend. However, due to the pandemic, consumption and adoption is skyrocketing among all demographics. A study conducted on digital banking during the height of the lockdown revealed that of those surveyed, 73% of respondents are more or much more likely to leverage digital banking and digital payments. While consumers reassess their banking behaviors, banks are also reassessing and reimagining their digital experience.

As bank branches close and banks focus on online banking, there is a need to capture the human expertise and empathy that consumers are longing for. Visual engagement makes human-to-human connections in your digital app more efficient, more compelling, and more emotionally satisfying. Not every visual engagement tool delivers an exceptional customer experience. When shopping around for software that brings the “Do it with me” element to your digital teams you’ll want to think about providing technology that your agents and customers can easily adopt.

The following are a list of preliminary questions to ask a potential visual engagement technology provider:

  1. Can you support a consistent agent-customer collaboration experience across all platforms and devices including website, chat, browser apps, and native Android or iOS mobile apps?
  2. Does your solution integrate with my CRM or agent desktop to ensure a frictionless experience for bankers and service reps? Can bankers, agents, and advisors instantly launch a sharing session with a single click from the CRM?
  3. Does your solution allow me to switch easily from “view mode” (agent can see the screen of the customer and offer guidance) to “show mode” (agent can show the customer a presentation or prospectus)?
  4. Is your solution proven to perform at a massive scale? With what major financial services brands and at what volume?
  5. Is your solution engineered to comply with strict enterprise data security and privacy requirements for financial services companies? Do you have prior experience passing a rigorous financial services InfoSec review? With what major financial services brands?
  6. Do we need to upgrade or swap out our call center technology, chat technology, chatbot/AI technology, CRM, or any other infrastructure system? Or can we easily embed your visual engagement technology with our existing best-of-breed or legacy systems and apps already deployed?

As financial institutions reboot their digital strategies, customers will still want as much of the human experience they are used to in their digital experience. If you want to know more about what it takes to create a great customer experience, download our latest whitepaper presented by American Banker, Do or Die Digital Banking: Why your digital banking app must create a great customer experience.