It’s really frustrating when every sales prospect you speak to is a flop. I know because I hear it from business owners all the time. They feel like their market is broke, people don’t get what they do and everything is hopeless. The solution is to create a consultation application.

What is a consultation application?

A consultation application is a survey you have prospects fill out before you get on the phone with them for a consultation. This saves a lot of time because you can weed out the duds. It also allows you to focus on people who you can actually help.

Who needs a consultation application?

If you do consultations as a part of your sales process, then you need a consultation application. This is especially true if you are experiencing high volume in requests for consultations.

The truth is not everyone is going to be a good fit and your time is limited. A consultation application simply helps you with those two aspects of sales.

What do you ask in a consultation application?

Because a consultation application is meant to save you time, you need to ask specific questions. These are some of the questions I ask in my own consultation application so that I make sure I’m only speaking with viable prospects.

  1. What kind of business do you have? Since I do business consulting, I need to make sure that prospects actually have a business. At the very least, they need to have some sort of business idea.
  2. What’s your current monthly profit? The reason I ask this is because I need to know whether or not someone can actually pay me. It also gives me a good idea of what stage of business they are in.
  3. How do you make money in your business? Again, this helps me see what I’m working with.
  4. What is your current goal? This helps me see what a business owner is working toward and whether or not I can help.
  5. What is your level of commitment? This is on a scale. I want to know whether or not someone is serious before I waste my time.
  6. Do you need to consult spouse/business partner, etc.? I want to make sure I’m speaking with the decision maker. If everything else still looks good, I might make an exception but at least I know how to approach the situation.

This is a general overview of what I ask in my consultation application. Again, I’m using my business consulting practice as an example. You will have to figure out the details for your own business.

How to make a consultation application run on autopilot

My consultation application is on autopilot. This means I don’t have to review the answers before someone gets a link to book an appointment. Instead, I use the “Quiz” feature in Typeform. If a sales prospect scores above a certain number, they automatically get a link to my calendar.

Final Thoughts

A consultation application is meant to save you time as a business owner. Since implementing my own sales application, I have increased my closing rate significantly. The reason is that I make sure to only speak with the right people.