1. Accreditation and Credibility – Demonstrate that you’re certified by placing credible logos from 3rd party sites linking to a Google Places, Yelp, Yellow Pages listing or a professional group. This helps prove that you’re not a shady character and immediately, people notice that you take your business seriously.
  2. Action oriented copy – Change the tone of your copy by first altering the wording of your headline. Headlines have the most impact when it comes to converting a potential buyer into a customer. For example, L’Axelle changed the tone of their copy from“Feel fresh without sweat marks” to “Put an end to sweat marks” and so on. This take-action feel performed 93% better. Here’s more copywriting tips: http://www.copywritingsupremacy.com/
  3. Add audio to your website – including an audio on your website have been found to increase conversions. Content examples of good audio clips include introducing your product briefly, play a recorded teleconference call, or interview and etc.
  4. Adding proof – Find and communicate proof or testimonials of your product to boost conversion rate.
  5. Ask for the sale at the right time – Studies have shown that asking for the sale too soon might thwart your efforts in getting the deal. An example showed that one company actually removed their sign up call to action from the top of the homepage, placing it later down the page. The results have been favorable, sign-ups increased 350%.
  6. Big call to action button – Just by increasing the size of your call to action button can drastically heighten your conversion rates. This was what happened to SAP BusinessObjects, who turned their regular blue link into a big button, and improved conversions by 32.5%.
  7. Blogging- Share information by blogging. Building a blog helps in establishing expertise, because your writing shows people you know what you are talking about. Creating tutorials, whitepapers, and videos all help visitors to understand who you are and what you are trying to teach. Once they experience the quality of your content, they will keep coming back for more. Learn more about blogging here: http://bloggingtothebank.com/bttbmembers/
  8. Bullets hit the bulls’ eye in sales- The usage of bullets to describe your offer and benefits help in boosting conversion rates. Studies have shown that people often skim through bullets, sub-heads, graphics, etc. to save time.
  9. Buyer personas – Companies have tried to use buyer personas and found that it is an effective technique to boost conversions. For example, RightNow Technologies increased their conversions 4x by building a persona focused site.
  10. Call to action on the left – Place your call to action on the left of your website. According to eye tracking software, readers often read from the top left of the website. Hence content on the top left corner of a website should be optimized with a call to action. For example, Less Accounting test showed that a layout with calls-to-action on the left hand side worked better than a reverse layout.
  11. 11. Complete makeover of your site or product – This has nothing to do with testing. Creating an all together brand new and different version of your product or service may improve your sales and boost your conversions. One good example is SEOMoz, which got 52% improvement in sales and $1 million dollars increase in revenue after a radical change.
  12. Conduct split tests – Split tests help business owners understand how visitors are looking at and clicking on things on the website. Create two different versions of a page and launch them at once with split testing and get concrete answers on what works and what doesn’t.
  13. Create demonstration videos – Professionally created videos that demonstrate the use of your product will often improve responses and conversions. This has to be tested. If you’re promoting affiliate products, do check out www.AffiliateEarningsBooster.com
  14. Discounts – People are attracted by bargains therefore show discounted prices of your product. An example of a company which used this strategy is the Corkscrew Wine Merchants, who got a 148.3% improvement on product page after they featured a discount sticker.
  15. Do a walk through – If it is possible, get someone in your target demographic use your site for the first time and observe them. The point of this is to let yourself understand how to see the site through the eyes of others.
  16. Do follow up – Follow up with your buyers’ or prospects’ list by asking them what they are expecting to receive, what they thought of your product and any questions they might have for you. You could automate the follow up process with an autoresponder account like www.Aweber.com
  17. Don’t just say it, prove it! – Visitors to your site are often strangers. They don’t believe what you say because they don’t know you. Hence, the way to convince them to convert is to give them facts, samples, videos, and demos. Depending on your niche, present social proof and testimonials like checks, charts, endorsements, etc. Back it up and they might believe it.
  18. Evaluate the metrics of your website – Notice how your conversion rate corresponds to your other metrics, and which ones are affected by which changes you make.
  19. Fast page load speed- People generally don’t like to wait for pages to load. Fast loading pages have a higher percentage of chance for people to see your irresistible offer and boost your conversion rates.
  20. Few clicks to order page- As previously mentioned, the simpler the checkout process, the higher your conversion rate. Lead your visitors to your order page or buying page with as few clicks as possible. The more pages you add in between the sales page and the order page, the more dangerous your sales process becomes.
  21. Focus on a single action – A website with many actions can confuse the reader and make them bounce off the page without even looking at what you have to offer. Focus on one single action on your site and see conversions grow. For instance, the Weather Channel watched conversions jump 225% after decluttering their home page and presenting a clear, single action.
  22. For physical products, offer next-day shipping – Companies have tested and found that offering next-day shipping of products boosts conversion rates.
  23. Get straight to the point- Sometimes, getting to the point quickly actually helps in boosting your conversion rates. Do this by test deleting your first few paragraphs or even your first few pages of copy, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results reaped.
  24. Include a “Free Trial” button- People are often attracted by free stuff. Email marketing software GetResponse showed a “Free trial” button instead “Buy now” and increased trial signups by 158% (while not decreasing paid signups).
  25. Include a strong call to action – State your call to action in a clear, concise and obvious manner. This helps boosting conversion rates of your product.
  26. Include product images- People might feel insecure buying products online because everything is virtual. Including product images increases the credibility of the seller, letting the potential customer know that such a product exists thus increasing conversion rates.
  27. Iron-clad guarantees – Take all the risk by offering guarantees. Majority of potential buyers are not willing to take a gamble and buy your product, even if your product is what they need. Providing a guarantee allows your customers to know that you will help them if what they bought is not what they expected. For guarantee swipes, visit www.SwipeFileMastery.com
  28. It’s all about the TEST – Always test your copy or sales letters. Examine headlines, intro paragraphs, graphics, pricing, etc. Even if it means to have headlines produced two or three times the results of their original, rewriting your copy can strengthen your stand and convince your visitors how good your product is hence increasing conversion rates.
  29. List building – Build your list by collecting opt-in email leads and follow-up with this list once in a while. Getting contact information such as email addresses is vital to increasing your conversion rates. If you are able to get their physical address and phone number, you can expect an even higher response to your promotions. Here’s an excellent list building course: http://www.listbuildingclass.com
  30. Mad Libs style form – Companies have tried a Mad Libs Style form and seen amazing conversion results. Vast.com increased conversion across the board by 25-40% by doing that.
  31. Make your hyperlinks red – Studies have shown that blue links converts the best because it the natural colour of links used online. However, experiences tell us that link clickthroughs are boosted by making links red. (Beamax boosted their link clickthroughs by making the links red.)
  32. Offer free things – Giving away free material on the front end can help you to prove your trustworthiness and quality of your products to potential customers. When people have seen and felt the quality that you deliver for the free product, they will be willing to explore your other products even if they have to pay for it.
  33. Offer multiple tier premium options – Different customers have different financing needs. Some may be looking for a bargain, and others may be looking for the best that money can buy. Hence, offering premium options makes sure that different customers pay for what they want to get, helping in boosting conversions.
  34. Phone number on your site – Adding a phone number to your site increases your credibility rating as seen by the visitor, thereby increasing conversions. For instance, LessAccounting saw a 1.8% increase in conversions after placing a phone number on their site.
  35. Pick up copywriting and persuasion skills – Copywriting is a skill that all online business owners should master. Be it in writing PPC ads to writing sales letters, copyrighting is one of the important techniques you need to boost conversions. Master the art of persuasion here: http://www.20daypersuasion.com/index.php
  36. Put a video on your home page – Placing a video on your homepage can actually boost your conversions. This is what Dropbox did and it boosted their conversions over 10% by doing that.
  37. Quality writing – Make the text easier to understand by using attention-grabbing headings, bullet points and etc. Ensure that all your descriptions are clear and useful. Here are more ways to boost your conversions: www.conversionratecourse.com
  38. Real things boost conversions – When offering a physical product, do everything you can to make it real to people. Take photos of it alone, take it with a person and think of ways to make your product real to visitors.
  39. Reduce content on landing page- Sometimes information clutter kills conversions. Some companies have found that by cutting the amount of content on their landing page, sales increased drastically. However, websites need to keep in mind that insufficient information is also a conversion killer. Moderation is key.
  40. Reduce steps and required information in checkout process – Your checkout process might seem secure. However, if the checkout process requires too many steps or too much information, chances are greater that your customer could change their mind.
  41. Run live support on website – If your finances permit, hire operators to actively interact with visitors and prospects by running a live support button on your website. Conversions tend to increase because live operators are able to answer visitors’ queries promptly. You can use a service like this: www.zopim.com
  42. Single column sign up forms – Eye tracking study showed that single column forms work better in boosting conversions.
  43. Statistics sells – People are convinced by facts and figures. Supply potential buyers with whatever metrics you can give: Size, weight, page count, amount of content – anything that might be useful to help someone make a decision.
  44. Use badging on your products- Testing and proof have shown that badging your products can help boost your conversions. For instance, Sheplers got a 1.63 percent increase in the “add to cart” rate with badging and curation.
  45. Use benefit-oriented copy- Most people often list their product features in hopes that people will realize the benefits of the product. However, customers are more often than not oblivious to the benefits of your product. By listing the benefits up front, you will be able to boost conversions by leaps and bounds.
  46. Use huge customer photos on your homepage – Depending on your niche, huge customer photos on your homepage and testimonials that accompany the photos can dramatically increase conversion rates by leaps and bounds. Test it to find out.
  47. Use multi-variant testing software such as Google Optimizer – Google optimizer allows you to increase the value of your existing websites and traffic without spending money. This tool tests and optimizes site content and design, you can quickly and easily increase revenue and ROI whether you’re new to marketing or an expert.
  48. Use photos of real people / things / situations for landing pages – Showing photos of real people on your landing pages can dramatically boosts your conversions.
  49. Use popup sign-up forms – Over the years, Popups are known to boost email subscriptions. Many companies have also cited that a popup signup form helped to boost conversion rates for their product. Here’s an excellent popup software: http://www.popupdomination.com/live/
  50. Using videos – Testing and changing a different video thumbnail can help uplift conversion rates. For examples, Yobongo got a 70.9% conversion uplift after changing their video thumbnail.

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