With thousands millions of web design companies all over the US, it is important to stand apart from the crowd in order to gain new clients, today, we’d like to tell you the five best ways to do so. 


1.   Your Own Website

This is the most important way to stand out because it is a potential client’s first glimpse in to your design aesthetic.  Your website should be the best you’ve ever designed because it shows off your style and you have the freedom to design it exactly how you want to.  A client can assume it is the best thing you have ever designed because it displays your personal brand.  It also acts as a portfolio and should display examples of previous work you are proud of.

2.   Linked In

Professionals use many social media sites but because Linked In is a network of professionals, it is an important tool in finding new clients.  Your Linked In profile can be used as an on-line resume.  It helps to gain recommendations from clients or old bosses for references as well.   There are also groups specifically for web designers, so staying active in those forums is important.  For Linked In it is also important to make a personal page as well as a company page (even if you are a freelancer).  This creates further opportunity for you to get noticed.  Your company page can also include much of the same information you would list on your company web site that is helpful for potential clients.

3.   Twitter

Twitter is another great social media forum that allows for interaction with potential clients and the design community.  The trick to Twitter is to gain followers in your field by following users that have an interest in the field of design.  To find those users, you can search for the hash tag #webdesign in the search field.  This will pull up users who have recently used the hash tag in a tweet and/or in their bio.  Following users is a great way to get a follow back.  You can also find users to follow by following those that are connected with a design blog.  This means they have some interest in design and are likely to follow you.  On the Twitter front, it is also important to stay interactive with your feed.  Make sure you are Tweeting a few times a day, using the #webdesign hash tag yourself, and starting conversations with other users through the @ symbol.

4.   Craigslist

It may seem like the least important way to connect with new clients but oftentimes people searching for a web designer don’t know where to start.  You can post a description of yourself and your services in both the “services” section under “creative” as well as the “jobs section” under “web/info design.”  There is less competition on Craigslist, which will help you get ahead and direct more potential clients to your web site.  Because many designers stay up to date with the tech world, Craigslist can seem like a lowbrow place to post.  Not so!  The most important thing is getting the word out to new clients any way you can, thus Craigslist is a great option.  Just make sure your post stands out and you guide readers to your web site!

5.   Meet Up

Though web design is often a solo endeavor, there is definitely a design community.  The best way to meet new clients is by sticking together and learning what others are doing in the community. Meetup.com is a great way to do this!  There are many different web design meet ups each week.  Attending these meet ups is a great way to build your network, and keep active within the design community.

We hope this list was helpful in growing your network and expanding your client base.  To learn more about web design visit www.viastudio.com .