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Perhaps Michael Jordan said it best when he said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Certainly a business can have all the talent in the world and still not be successful.

Therefore, staff must communicate and cooperate in order to be successful and achieve business goals. For example, if increased productivity is a goal, teamwork can help achieve it.

1. Workload Sharing

Workload sharing is one of the ways teamwork increases work productivity. If one team member has less work than another, teamwork can help balance that out.

The employee with time available could offer assistance to another worker who has too much on their plate. This allows projects to be completed faster. In turn increasing business profits and turn-around times.

2. Brainstorming Sessions

When two people work closely together on a project, they have a better chance of completing it. Putting more than one mind to the task generally provides better results.

Work can not only be completed faster with more than one person, but with greater creativity and workable solutions. Two or more people can brainstorm and run ideas by each other until problems are resolved. On the other hand, one person working alone has no sounding board and could become burned out.

3. Co-worker Support

Another way teamwork increases work productivity is through co-worker support. Many businesses experience ups and down due to business changes, turnover, or other challenges.

It is during these times that co-worker support can become the glue that holds a business together. A strong team can even mean the difference between a business closing or continuing to operate.

Team members can offer each other guidance as well as advice and ideas. This can alleviate stress and improve work performance.

4. Employee Cross-training

Employee cross-training is another way to improve productivity in the workplace. But this will be an exercise in futility if team members do not work together.

A good cross-training plan enables staff members to have greater flexibility in work schedules. Personal activities and obligations of workers can be met making for happier employees. At the same time, work that needs to be completed gets done on time and with accuracy.

A cross-trained team member can complete the work if there is a personal emergency. This enables a smooth flow of business with little to no interruptions for customers.

Cross-training allows individual team members to learn valuable skills from each other. This can further strengthen the team as a whole and increase productivity that much more.

5. Moral Boosting

One more way teamwork increases work productivity is by boosting moral. Sharing the workload among team members makes all of them feel included. When projects are completed well that couldn’t have otherwise been finished, everyone can receive recognition.

It is important to have good moral in the employees of any business because it gives them job satisfaction. When employees are happy, fulfilled and satisfied they are less likely to seek a job elsewhere at the first opportunity.

Many elements required to make a business successful. But teamwork is one thing that increases work productivity and can have great impact on a business.

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