Q4 is well under way and you know what that means – it’s time for Sales Kickoff planning!

In a former life, I was in charge of creating content for our company’s annual Sales Kickoff. The three-day event included somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 presentations on success stories, best practices, and product training. We also killed a few trees to produce thick packets of collateral so our sales team could reference what they learned.

But no matter how early we started planning, getting all the content complete always came down to the wire. Sound familiar? Anyone? Bueller?

If you are tasked with creating content for your Sales Kickoff, here are five ways to get the most out of this year’s event by incorporating video presentations into your Kickoff agenda.

#1. Make it on-demand. It’s a good idea to create on-demand video presentations that attendees can view at their convenience before your meeting. Since online videos can be accessed on-the-go via most mobile devices, they are a great way for reps to refresh their knowledge anytime, anywhere. Brainshark makes it easy to quickly create video presentations using materials as simple as PowerPoint. For more details on how online video can improve your Sales Kickoff meetings, check out the video below.

#2 Involve others. Nothing is created in a vacuum. To take some of the content creation burden off of your plate, try tapping your top sales people for content on how they got that big deal to go through. You could also get your service team to talk about what part of your solution is resonating with clients and what your customers are requesting. Hearing directly from the people who have success with your client base is more likely to have a powerful and memorable effect on your audience.

#3 Give homework. Instead of cramming your event with back-to-back presentations, give your team some required on-demand video viewing beforehand. This will free up valuable meeting time to focus on subject matter expert (SME) presentations, Q&As and the all-important team-building exercises.

#4 Measure knowledge. During a packed schedule of live presentations, it’s only natural that your audience’s minds will tend to wander. But you still need to make sure your team is learning their stuff! Create an on-demand presentation that summarizes the day’s important lessons and include a quiz. By having your team view and take the quiz at the end of the day, you can help ensure they’ll remember the right information.

#5 Be competitive. Salespeople by nature tend to be a competitive bunch. You can hold them accountable by making their quiz responses public or giving prizes for the highest scores. Remember, there’s nothing like a little friendly competition to get people to pay attention and drive home your messages.

By including on-demand presentations into your Sales Kickoff event, you can open up the agenda to more interactive sessions and even shorten your meeting to save money. You’ll also be able to lock in more content ahead of time, give your team a convenient way to absorb information, and ensure they learn the material.

More tips for enabling sales teams with on-demand video: