Target Audience
Image Credit: Reway2007

1. Narrow Your Niche Market

The first thing that you should do is to narrow your niche market. The truth is; you cannot serve or satisfy the needs of each and every customer in a broad market. The sheer number of customers will limit your potential to understand and engage all of them effectively. Since there is a broad heterogeneous market and you don’t have the capacity to satisfy everyone, you have to know exactly what your customers want and how best you can satisfy their needs.

If your business generates 80% revenue from 20% of your customers then it’s prudent for you to narrow down your target online marketing audience. By identifying ideal customers, you can turn them into satisfied and loyal customers or fans. While this may seem like a daunting task at first, it’s worthwhile because it will lead you to prospects who will buy your products and remain loyal for a lifetime.

2. Define Your Target Audience

The second step you have to take is to define your target audience. You have to identify the people that you want to turn into potential customers and direct your online marketing strategies towards them. Defining your target audience will help you reduce the costs of your marketing campaigns and at the same time increase the effectiveness of your attraction marketing.

It’s very important for you to know the market segments where your target audience operate and the kind of products that appeal to them. Ask yourself; are your online marketing audience middle aged, teens, seniors, or employed? What ticks with them, and what are their concerns, questions, needs, and audience? The more you become aware of your target audience then the higher your chances of selling your products effectively.

3. Profile Your Online Marketing Audience

Once you define your target audience for online marketing, you should profile them. You have to create a profile that highlights important details about their demography. You can start by profiling their interests, education backgrounds, social-economic backgrounds, and lifestyles. In addition, you should also endeavor to find out the gender, locations, and professional background of your target audience. Don’t also forget family composition, income levels, and technological expertise. All these details will improve your scope when planning your content marketing or social media marketing campaigns. It will also help you understand the mindset, the lifestyles, and specific needs of your customers.

You can conduct a small market survey to gather the essential details. With this information at hand, you can plan and execute a powerful product marketing campaign. Most importantly, profiling your audience will also help you deliver relevant and focused content that satisfies their needs, thus, making your online marketing make your campaign more effective.

4. Engage and Educate You Audience

Once you profile you audience, you should proceed to engage and target them with the right messages and products. There are different ways to target and engage your audience through online marketing. You can engage your audience through blog posts, forum discussions, or starting conversation in the social media spaces. Apart from that, you can also use online video marketing to engage your audience. The good thing about online video marketing channels such as YouTube is that they allow you promote and demonstrate how your products work simultaneously.

As you engage your audience, you have to be cognizant of their preferences and the effectiveness of various content marketing strategies for brand or promotions. Remember, prospective online marketing customers will respond and act only to the measure of trust and confidence that they have in your products or services. Therefore, you have to show your online marketing audience why you are actually worth their time and money and why your business or products is different from your competitors’.

5. Re-Target Your Audience

Don’t assume that because you have better insight than competitors you can outsell them through online marketing. The truth is; you will not turn all target customers into loyal customers unless they know you and trust your products and brand. That’s not all. There are some customers who will remain adamant or be indifferent to your online marketing campaigns. Most of them will feel disconnected with you, but it doesn’t mean they are not ever going to engage with you or buy your products.

To attract and engage such online marketing audiences, you have to develop an integrated marketing approach that gives you greater scope, depth, and coverage. Email marketing, social media marketing, and attraction marketing will also come in handy when drawing the attention of prospects who may have never engaged with you brand. Additionally, re-targeting your online marketing audience will increase your chances of engaging with stray customers and at the same time increase market penetration to underserved or neglected customers.


If you want succeed with your online marketing campaign then you have to know and define your audience. Start by identifying and profiling your target audience and engaging them with the relevant content. Don’t assume that you can turn non-targeted fans in social media spaces into potential customers by executing general social media marketing strategies. Also, don’t ignore the specific needs of customers; else you will waste money on online marketing campaigns that yield little returns.

So, whether you are targeting audience to improve your network marketing responses or engagement levels, you should never underestimate the power of target marketing in online lead generation. Remember, the success of your products and sustainability of your business depends on the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns which hinge on the power of target marketing.