competitionWithout a doubt, every SEO is constantly on the hunt for new ways to make websites stand out from the competition. Sometimes, achieving SEO success has a lot to do with luck, but there are certain steps that you can take to give your site an edge.

1. Develop an Identity

It all starts with a strong brand identity. Before you can begin to differentiate yourself from your competitors, you have to understand what your purpose and value is as a company. Identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you know what to focus on as you promote your brand. This is also your chance to develop a voice and a personality for your business that will connect with your target audience.

2. Scope Out the Competition

Naturally, you have to know what the competition is like in order to make yourself unique in your field. Take the time to research your major competitors. Are they getting more business because of a specialized service or offer that you don’t provide? Do you have a unique service or product that isn’t available from the competition? If you do, then that aspect of your business needs to be one of your major selling points. If you don’t, then it’s time to create something new!

3. Target Your Niche

Once you’ve identified the components of your company that make you different, it’s time to engage in some serious niche marketing. By targeting your niche market, you can connect directly with the most relevant customers for you business. To that end, familiarize yourself with your niche clientele in order to optimize for specific keywords within your niche. Continue to focus on promoting the one product or service that you want to be known for on Google!

4. Test Everything

Every thriving business should be in a continual process of testing new ideas and products. In addition, you should be conducting tests on a variety of different components on your site so that you are absolutely sure that your site appeals to your audience. Use split testing to compare different options for headlines, background colors, images, content, and layout.

5. Solve Problems

As your business evolves, it is important for you to demonstrate to your customers that you are interested in their concerns and are committed to rectifying problems. When customers voice complaints, find creative ways to address their issues and then initiate long-lasting changes that will help your company to avoid similar problems in the future. Customers like to work with businesses that are clearly dedicated to continually improving their user experience.

What is your top tip for standing out from the competition?