As with so many things in life, it’s often the small stuff that makes the biggest difference.

This is certainly the case at work. The more you work on small changes to your daily routine, the more likely you are to become more productive and, ultimately, more successful.

The key lies in identifying which new habits you should form and keeping them small enough to be regularly achievable – every single day.

Here’s five to get you started.

1. Start working in chunks

Most of our jobs are made up of big tasks. And, sometimes, those tasks feel so big that they’re almost unreachable.

This is totally normal. It’s also totally normal to run away from big tasks when they seem insurmountable.

To avoid this, try working in chunks, and do so via the Pomodoro Technique. By working in short, sharp bursts, you’ll reach that bigger end goal far quicker. In time, this should lead to a practice known as ‘deep work’, which helps you immerse yourself in whatever task it is that needs completing.

2. Start the day with a bit of mindfulness

Meditation is something everyone can practice – even if it’s something you’ve never considered doing before.

In fact, mindfulness, in general, will make you calmer, happier and far more productive during your working day.

To get started hit the App Store on your phone and search for mindfulness – there’s a tonne of free apps that’ll help you train your brain to be happier.

3. Reboot your thoughts

This happens to all of us from time to time.

Your thoughts wander and end up down a spiral of doubt, insecurity and obsessing over past events. It’s natural – you’re human, but it isn’t helpful.

Whenever you feel this happening, ‘reboot’ your thoughts by asking yourself “is this helping me?” if it isn’t, refocus your attention elsewhere and on something more positive; for instance, that next small chunk you need to work on (see tip 1).

4. Book time with yourself each day

This might sound odd, but by booking a time slot with yourself each day – be it for an hour or just ten minutes – you’ll begin to accomplish all the things you continually strike off your to-do list because they’re easily moved.

Time for yourself is vital and in short supply, so start maximising every minute you can spend on you.

5. Listen more

If you’re inclined to jump into conversations whenever you can in order to provide your opinion or viewpoint on something, try stepping back and listening, instead.

Listening is far more powerful when it comes to relationship building than continually offering your own opinion. The latter is, of course, important, but you’ll become far better regarded and trusted if you listen more.

As a nice little bonus, you’ll learn loads, too.

Wrapping up

See? There really isn’t much you have to do in your working life (or personal life) to make big changes.

All of the tips I’ve offered above are free, easy to implement and just require some persistence and dedication for them to become a percent fixture.

After a while, the small things you do each day will become habitual and lead you to a far happier and more productive working life.