Increase self worth

Have you ever noticed that how you feel about yourself determines every action you take. When you feel amazing and unstoppable you take on the world! When you feel small, weak, and insignificant you shy away from everything. Your self-worth determines your net worth. I am not talking about how much money you make (though that is a nice side bonus).

Money doesn’t make who you are. I am talking about the concept of yourself or how you feel, determines how you approach life.

Are you a big player or a small player? Do you see big opportunities or all the problems and everything that can go wrong?

Is your mind always churning with limitations and fear? Or are you excited and grateful for all the major opportunities in your life?

Do you STEP UP and have the uncomfortable conversations or do you shrink away and hide from discomfort?

Think of your comfort level as a cold swimming pool on a hot day. To become acquainted with the cold water you can slowly walk into the shallow end, or you can “cannonball” into the deep end.

Either way, after your body, becomes adjusted it will become comfortable.

So too is life.

As you step outside your comfort zone, your tolerance becomes greater and your internal strength does too.

Life is a giant swimming pool so go cannonball into it.

If you are not the type of person to jump into life both feet first, here are five simple exercises to do every day. They take less than 15 minutes a day, and will help you turn into an Olympic-level life cannon-baller.

Create a Routine of Positive Affirmations

There is a simple formula that runs every facet of our lives. That formula is your beliefs create your thoughts, your thoughts create your words, your words create your actions, and your actions create your results.

If you are unhappy about your life results, change your beliefs.

When I was younger I had no friends, lacked confidence and was an all around small player. Every morning I started the day saying phrases to lift myself up.

“I am handsome, I am confident, I am powerful, I am charismatic.”

I’ve used the tactic as an adult too. In the present day, as an entrepreneur I repeat different phrases

“abundance is all I know and all I will ever know”, “I am an amazing salesman” “opportunities just fall into my lap on a regular basis,” “success is inevitable in every action I take because I am a winner.”

Create a routine of positive affirmations for yourself.

Stop All Limiting Beliefs

On average we have 50-70k thoughts per day. Not all of them unique, actually most thoughts are repetitive and cyclical. We worry about our finances, so we don’t seize that business opportunity. That makes us not profitable in the next quarter and that makes us more concerned about our finances.

To stop all limiting beliefs, there is a 3 step process I use called the belief wheel. First you identify the limiting beliefs. Then you dissociate from them. Lastly, you replace them with a positive belief. For the entire exercise grab a copy of the belief wheel worksheet.

Express Gratitude and Love

Literally every single successful person will tell you the benefits of gratitude. But instead of reciting the same things you have heard a million times, let us look at the best teacher in the world. CHILDREN!

Imagine you are a kindergarten, teacher. One of the kids asks for a specific toy. You give the child the requested toy. No sooner do you give it, then they throw it down and start whining and complaining that it isn’t the toy they wanted. They want a new toy now. The child is having a giant temper tantrum.

Would you give the kid a new toy? No!

The kid is being ungrateful and rude. The Universe works in just the same fashion. The Universe is the kindergarten teacher of life and we are the children. If we are not grateful, the teacher is not going to reward us with new toys.

Every morning when you wake up, create a list of everything for which you are grateful. The longer the list the better! The entire purpose is to feel the gratitude of everything in your life that you currently have. If you want to really push your gratitude to a new level—find something to be grateful for even in all the negative things that can transpire in your life.

Visualize a Successful Day

Research shows that the same brain synopsis fire when we imagine an activity as when we actually do the activity. Close your eyes and visualize yourself having the perfect day. Your meetings go awesome, you close that big deal, an amazing opportunity walks in the door.

Take 3-5 minutes, visualize success, visualize happiness, and get excited. By the end of my visualization, you should be shaking with excitement like a dog trying to dry off after getting out of the pond.

Prioritize Your Tasks and Avoid Distractions

Now that your mind is in the right place, it is time to go out and execute. A big challenge for many entrepreneurs is trying to do too much in one day. We all have about 100+ things that need to get done.

Instead of making a big long list (and inevitably getting nothing done because we can’t focus), grab a sticky note and write down your top 3 most important tasks.

You will have to prioritize what the most important things are to do for the day. Only focus on those 3 things, and don’t stop until they are done.

Avoid all distractions. Turn off your phone, don’t get on Facebook. Get your three things done and don’t procrastinate.

After you are done with your three tasks you are done for the day. If you want to get more things done in the day, learn the beautiful art of outsourcing. Because in all reality, what is the point of living if we spend all day working? Work doesn’t equal life, life equals the experiences we can have every day.

Your time shouldn’t be spent writing email marketing, blogging, redesigning your website, or answering emails. Your time should only be spent on progressing your business.

After I am done with the sticky note I cross out each item then I put it up on my wall. Like a visual homage to my productivity—a wall of red, yellow, blue, and green sticky notes.

Do these activities every day and you can easily start to cannonball into the deep end of life. Trust me it’s super fun to live your life fully. Go out and make some memories and live some experiences. You deserve it!