Shot of a handsome bicycle mechanic carefully checking some handle bars

Entrepreneurs need to be experienced and knowledgeable in a variety of skills and subjects to inspire innovation in their business. No one expects a one trick pony to propose intriguing marketing strategies or to be adaptable to changing market trends. So if business owners want to revolutionize how they operate and gain more customers, they need to be well-rounded in a few different skills and fields to bring their company to the next level.


Writing a great sales copy for your product or services will increase the likelihood of it being sold and will generate huge profits! The purpose of copywriting is to entice your potential customers with attention grabbing headlines and descriptions explaining how your products will benefit them. It is similar to creative writing, in a sense that writers have to use creative language to make their products seem attractive. However, they can’t be too descriptive or abstract because they might lose readers’ attention. Unlike creative writing, copywriters need to be more personal. They need to understand their potential customer’s buying behavior, desires, and experiences in order to create a copy that will persuade them to buy their product or use their service.

Graphic Design

If entrepreneurs want to take over social media and grab their potential customer’s eye, they need to learn how to create outstanding visuals. Humans are visual creatures that are more responsive to colorful images and love to take time processing them. For example, social media posts with pictures and videos receive a lot more shares, engagement, and likes than plain text posts. If your business has a blog or website, using stunning photos for pictures, slideshows, and infographics it will increase your viewership, traffic, and comments.

Email Marketing

I personally believe that social media is a groundbreaking tool that has changed how businesses communicate with their target market, and it should be taken advantage of. However, social media might not beat the personal and accurately targeted reach of email marketing. Emails give businesses permission to enter the personal space of their subscribers to give them relevant information. These subscribers are also called leads who want to know more about what your business has to offer. If you want to build an email list, offer free digital products (ebooks, whitepapers, or annual industry reports) in exchange for your targeted lead’s email address.

Public Relations

Even though this isn’t a skill, it’s still an underrated asset to every business owner. Entrepreneurs need to learn how to build relationships with the media and journalists for press coverage, and network with bloggers and other businesses to be seen as an industry authority. Public relations allows entrepreneurs’ businesses, products, or the owners themselves to be seen in front of a large audience that they couldn’t obtain simply from blogging or their website. More exposure means more customers, brand awareness, and businesses opportunities.

Psychology or Sociology

These are not necessarily skills, but possessing knowledge on both of these topics can be a very powerful asset to have, if used correctly. Psychology and sociology are different fields of social sciences that explain how humans and society work with each other, objects, and institutions. Entrepreneurs can use these fields to take part in cause marketing, a marketing strategy where for-profit businesses partner with non-profit organizations to bring awareness to social and charitable causes. Also psychology can be used to influence consumer behavior, for example using specific colors in pictures to encourage an emotion or response for customers to perform a certain action.