It’s common to have those momentary breakdowns where you just want to pull your hair out or chuck your laptop under an 18-wheeler, but letting your mind get the best of you is the biggest hurdle on the way to achieving your goals. Instead of submitting to the negative energy of yourself and others, take the effort to understand the cause of your problems and learn better ways to deal with them.

Here are some helpful tips for hacking the mind.

Don’t overreact to minor issues

We’ve all been guilty of reacting in a way that we shouldn’t, which typically causes tension to rise in an already less than desirable situation. If something strikes a nerve, let your feelings simmer down before angrily tapping away at your keyboard and shooting off a response email that you might regret later.

You will have better hope getting others to see your point by acting in a reasonable manner and at least pretending to see both sides. It’s also helpful to identify the triggers that set you off, and work on coping with them as they occur.

Make Final Decisions

Someone’s indecision is a major telling factor of his or her self-doubt and lack of confidence. Vogue’s highly respected editor Anna Wintour was quoted saying, “I think possibly what people working for one hate the most is indecision. Even if I’m completely unsure, I’ll pretend I know exactly what I’m talking about and make a decision.”

Remaining confident with a positive attitude, regardless of the outcome of your decision, is important in exerting leadership. When in doubt, list the reasons for making a choice, follow your intuition and stick to that decision.

Get over mistakes

Unless you are some sort of superhuman, we’ve all made plenty of mistakes that make us cringe to this day when we think too hard about them. Dwelling on a mistake you’ve made in the past will beat down on your self-confidence and restrain you from attempting to conquer a problem again.

Everyone says that you learn from your mistakes, but in order to do so, you have to accept them and move on. Figure out what you did wrong and have the confidence that you will succeed in another attempt.

Express your emotions

Getting your point across isn’t always successful with just a well-rehearsed speech backed with relevant examples and credible sources. Emotions tend to remain in people’s memories more than words, so developing passion for what you say and being able to express it, will touch others on a higher level.

Being comfortable with your emotions and allowing people to know that you are passionate, shows that you are also human. Use the right voice and gestures when speaking to someone genuinely, and it will significantly enhance the message you deliver.

Push your limits

Your safe-zone is also your enemy. The moment you become too comfortable, you risk losing the motivation to strive for new goals. Imagine yourself at your next desired destination and take on a little more than you can handle in order to reach it.

Instead of just moving on from your mistakes, find more opportunities to make them and have new experiences that you can learn and be inspired by.