1. Competitors Exhibiting? What Are They Doing?

competitionDon’t reinvent the wheel. If your competitors are all flocking to a particular trade show, they’ve obviously determined that it’s a profitable venue for them. And thus it could be for you, too, if you implement the right booth strategies. Talk to your trade show rep and see if he or she can share information about your competitors for the show in question.

Ask about the size and location of their convention booth designs and any promotional methods that seem to work well for them. Use this information to plan an efficient course of action.

On the other hand, if nobody in your competitive market is attending a given convention, it might be one you’ll want to pass on, as well.

2. Expected Attendance?

A trade show can attract thousands of attendees, or it can be a complete flop. Before signing up for a show, decide on a general visitor number that you feel will allow you to be successful.


This number will vary based on your product or service, price, number of sales needed to justify the trip, booth and other factors.

3. Sponsorship Activation Opportunities Available?

Sponsorship opportunities can be a great way to increase your exposure during a trade show. The trick is to find and leverage the right sponsorship that is aligned with your goals. In addition, you’ll want to measure your ROI on sponsorships, because not all of them will be automatically profitable for you. A trade show rep can help you explore this strategy.

4. Level Of Promotion And Marketing?

promotionWhen you choose to exhibit at trade shows, you’re investing in more than space. You’re betting on the fact that those running the event can fill the room with qualified prospects.

If the show does little marketing to capture the right audience, you may want to reconsider your investment and look for conventions or events with higher potential for success.

5. Trade Show Been Successful For Other Companies?

Fully understanding what companies have succeeded in the same industry at the same trade show is important information to have at your fingertips.

If you’re friendly with your competition, reach out to them and ask a few questions about the success of past shows. The extra time you take to uncover this knowledge could save you thousands.