5 Powerful Videos That Spotlight Customer Advocacy

Achieving Customer Success can be a long and hazardous road, but there’s no reward like knowing that you’ve fostered a new advocate for your company. Advocates are customers who are so confident in the value of your service that they will go to great lengths to let everyone know that you’re worth every penny.

But how, exactly, should your company take advantage of that privileged relationship? Customer Success works hard to drive their partners through their advocacy ladder, and Marketing has to follow up by creating powerful, remarkable content that matches the excellence of the work accomplished.

You’d have to be living under a rock to have missed video making its grand entrance on the Marketing must-do list. How can video marketing channel the powerful Customer relationships that your Customer Success team has worked so hard to establish? Here are some breathtaking examples of beautifully designed video case studies – time to get inspired!

Parlor Skis: HubSpot Customer Success Story

Parlor Skis is a Boston-based customer ski manufacturer founded by three young entrepreneurs who share an affinity for building products and a passion for skiing.

Why it’s so great: HubSpot is giving us a great example of “practice what you preach” by diving right into the Inbound Methodology and delivering a powerful case study informed by a specific buyer persona. Parlor Skis is a small business which operates in a non-tech industry. Their challenges are clearly outlined: managing details across spreadsheets led to mistakes, and there was no way to integrate their front-end sales with their production processes.

The questions of this particular buyer persona are directly addressed: the adoption was fast and easy for a non-tech business, and the plan was free due to the small scale of their business.

What you should steal from it: When working on case studies, make sure that everyone agrees on which buyer persona is the target of your case study, then, find the appropriate customer advocate to spotlight. Video adds to the “peer-to-peer” aspect of the case study, thus making it easier to foster confidence building and excitement.

National Geographic: Dropbox Business Customer Spotlight

The iconic magazine uses Dropbox to help speed up the process of localizing content into dozens of international editions, inspiring people around the globe to go out and explore the world.

Why it’s so great: Dropbox uses the values and characteristics of its customer to drive their own message across. National Geographic knows a thing or two about letting images speak for themselves, and in this particular case, video conveys more than words ever could. What does this mean for Dropbox prospects? The product is so simple, seamless, and easy to use that you don’t even need any context to get it.

What you should steal from it: Your customer case study is all the more powerful if it conveys the values you and your customer share. Find customers whose values align with yours, and work on that common messaging. This is a great way to show your prospects what you stand for and how your work with them will help them further their own vision.

Fitbit’s Success Story with Salesforce

Fitbit is a company built on data, with tens of millions of customers. Discover why the trailblazers at Fitbit chose Salesforce as their partner with the necessary vision and roadmap in artificial intelligence (AI).

Why it’s so great: Customer centricity. This case study doesn’t focus on the vendor or the customer, it focuses on the end-user. The key message of the video highlights what Salesforce’s customer, Fitbit, has achieved for their community of users. There is little talk about numbers, but a great emphasis on AI and how leveraging its power has helped to improve customer experience.

What you should steal from it: Spotlight what your customer has achieved when it comes to Customer Success. If your prospects are unsure of how spending the big bucks on your tool will help them achieve success, re-centering the conversation on their users might very well open their eyes to the new opportunities you’re making available to them. Video is a powerful way to capture and leverage this qualitative ROI which may appear elusive in writing but drives an emotional response from the viewer.

Telegraph Media Achieves Leadership Through Digital Diversity

The news media industry has been facing huge changes and a period of turmoil. This created great opportunities on the digital side with a new willingness to experiment and try new things.

Why it’s so great: Adobe Experience Cloud addresses the digital transformation with a historical brand and a story that resonates with the audience. The Telegraph has transitioned from being a 20th-century newspaper company into being a “diversified multimedia organization for the 21st-century” with the help of Adobe Experience Manager. There’s no doubt here that the Telegraph was ahead of its time and leading the way when it comes to transitioning to a modern, data-centric model.

What you should steal from it: Make your customer shine! Your product or service doesn’t work on its own, it’s used by smart people who are driving change in their industries. The message “you know what you’re doing, let us help you do just that” is one that will resonate with ambitious prospects.

Typeform Stories – Santa Claus

Mr. Claus is a Typeform user. He speaks about the improvement in the gift-giving industry since switching from handwritten Christmas lists to digital forms.

Why it’s so great: Have you watched it?… it just is.

What you should steal from it: Think outside the box.