Productivity, productivity, productivity! Your boss expects it from you, you expect it from yourself and well don’t forget your mates and family, they expect it from you too! Seems like everyone expect you to be more productive when there’s a million things out there to get you distracted and diminished.

Watching that viral video before you start working or just logging into your Facebook account and boom! You have already wasted 2 hours of your precious time watching cat videos and checking your facebook feed.

Being productive all the time is hard with deadlines chasing you quicker than a rat and stress from all around the world resting on your head! Procrastination seems the only way out, but only for the time being! What will you do tomorrow? What happens if you’ll miss your deadline? More stress! More thinking! Less work! The struggle is mind numbing, we know.

So, here are 5 sure fire ways which will take your productivity levels through the roof!

1.Do the easier things first!

Many times, the work to be done is so much that the only way we see out is by delaying it further. This builds up stress and stress is a foe to your productivity. Cater to the easier, less time consuming things first. The point is to start somewhere…. Anywhere!

All what matters is that you start with something. Even If you have 10 blogs to write in a row, start searching for new topics or start reading random blogs. It will break your hesitation barrier as you will come up with new ideas for your blogs and will start your flow of productivity!

2. Set Cycles!

Your mind can not stay at the peak of it’s ability all the time. You are not a machine that chugs up coffee and produces! Setting work cycles and taking breaks in between of your work replenishes your brain. It’s important to set work-break schedules and follow them strictly to maintain a subtle level of creativity and productivity throughout your work hours. The best routine, in my opinion and of others, is working in 90 minute blocks with 10 minute intervals. Try it, test it and if it doesn’t feel right, alter it but don’t dump it!

3. Unmess the mess!

Want to get more done? Clear the mess in your office and keep it that way! Simple as that! Remember, mess creates stress. And well, stress is bad influence for you and your productivity.
Andre Agassi, the tennis icon, once said that he never allowed anyone to even touch his tennis bag because if it got disorganized, he’ll get distracted!”
That’s the kind of distraction you want out of your life!

4. Ditch the Multi-tasker in you!

If you think you will double your productivity by multitasking stuff, you’re wrong! It is now scientifically proven that your mind is not meant for multitasking. It hinders your productivity levels rather than increase it. And there’s a high chance that it will lower your IQ as well in the near future!

A study at University of London found that participants who multitasked during cognitive tasks experienced IQ score declines similar to what they’d expect if they had smoked marijuana or stayed up all night!”

Better instead, focus on a single important task at a time and put all your focus on it. Your mind works better that way!

5. Learn to say ‘No’!

Learning to say ‘No’ when you want is hard. Shunning down people is harder, when you have a deep desire to be liked and loved, it’s normal. And that desire pushes us to agree to everything that other people throw at us. Letting go of that desire is vital for delivering elite productivity, both in your personal and professional life. Next time, be a little selfish and say ‘No’ and focus on YOUR work first, save the favours for later!

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