Boost Your Email Conversions With These Tips

5 Email Strategies That Will Boost Your Business SalesHow is your business email communication with your leads and customers?

89 percent of marketers increase their prospects with targeted campaigns. [Mailigen]

Given this statistic, it is clear that in order to be successful we need to communicate in a way that will stand out from the rest and add value to our target market.

With so many people using mobile to find information and make purchases it’s important to craft a campaign that will be eye-catching and easy to read. In fact, mobile email is at the top of the list according to eMailmonday in an article on Business 2 Community by Tom Pick:


There are several factors involved in grabbing the reader’s attention in your email as pointed out by Barbara Pachter in an article on Inc:

  • An eye-catching subject line – In order to improve your open rates you need to address the needs and desires of your readers right off the bat. It’s important to be clear, concise and clever to stand out from the rest.
  • Appear as a professional, trusted source – Avoid using anything but your own domain’s email in order to not be passed off as spam. A good email service provider will be able to also show you your “spam score” before your email goes out.
  • Create an appealing signature – You can use services like Wisestamp, Hubspot, and Microsoft Office to create a professional email signature. A profile photo or logo should be included along with your important online links, telephone number, and fax number if necessary.

A high-quality design is another very important step if you want to increase your click-thru rates and responses. The key is to provide something of value that will benefit your readers without including too much information like this example from Copyblogger:


Now that your message is ready you can now prepare for converting your leads into valuable sales with these 5 tips:

  1. Include just enough information to draw people in: Save the rest of your message for a sales page link or a ‘read more’ link to your blog post. In fact, Buzzfeed has reported a 23 percent increase in referral traffic from shorter messages.
  2. Keep separate campaigns – As you create a new list with your email service such as MailChimp, Constant Contact or Aweber be specific This will help you create personalized messages based on your target market’s interests, which will increase your conversions.
  3. Build relationships with email campaigns – It’s not enough to send just one follow-up email to your prospects. A series of emails that are exclusive to your subscribers can go a long way and introduce them more to how you can help them. A valuable eBook, video or invitation are some of the most well-received offers depending on your niche.
  4. Set up a level of expectation – A clear message on a regular, set schedule will provide something consistent that your subscribers can trust and expect to receive. According to your own email marketing data, you will want to schedule your campaigns according to your target market’s time zone the typical times that you are seeing click-thru and open rates.
  5. Present a creative and appealing design – An original and personalized message speaks more to your readers instead of a basic text email. Experian refers to these as “transactional emails,” which generate more sales than other email programs.

In order to turn your emails into sales your business needs to stay one step ahead of the competition with fresh, original messages that grab the attention of both mobile and desktop users. Including social media buttons will also help increase your opens rates along with video.