You have managed to land the perfect internship program, getting ahead of other applicants. Congrats. Now what do you do? How do you make the right impression and not screw-up? Your company can choose to give you a great review or dish you a bad one – it all depends on what you do and what you don’t!

List Of The 5 Most Important Do’s

Prepare For Your Internship

Learn about the company, and know the names of your hiring manager and key players before you join. If you don’t know something, ask and learn. If you go unprepared, you’ll make people feel that you don’t give a damn about your internship.

Know What Is Expected From You

Discuss internship goals with your manager and write them down. Find out how you should dress and what supplies you need to bring. Don’t walk around clueless beyond the first day, unless you want to deliver a totally different message.

Display Professionalism

Be courteous and respectful to all. At meetings, always carry a notepad and your calendar. Don’t start tasks late; study them in advance and ask for additional time if required. Be sure to inform your manager if you’re going to be late or if you want the day of. Don’t use abbreviated text in your written communications.

Polish Your Communication Skills

Learn to speak without using adolescent phrases, or without peppering your sentences with, ‘you know’ and ‘like’ and ‘dude’ and so on. You’re not a college student anymore, and it’s time to upgrade your vocabulary and polish your spoken English.

Show Initiative And Volunteer For Tasks

Show your manager and team members that you can be trusted with more responsibility by demonstrating initiative. For example, ask if a report needs to be summarized, or if you need to type out meeting notes and so on. Just offering to do things won’t hurt you, but it will hold you in good stead with your manager.

List Of The 5 Most Important Don’ts

Don’t be Negative

No one likes a negative, complaining person. Your manager will soon tire of working with you if you are negative about tasks, deadlines, timelines, attitudes and everything. Show that you care, are ready to learn, and are excited to intern for them.

Don’t Be Rude Or Appear Arrogant

It’s possible that you may be sharper than your manager is, but don’t show it. It’s difficult in this case, but pay attention to what he or she says, and show that you understand. Don’t presume to know better and nod as though you’ve understood, as that causes a very negative impression.

Don’t Use Office Time For Personal Work

This means no updating your social media status, writing personal emails or browsing inappropriate sites while at work. Remember, most companies use spyware to see how their staff uses the internet, so be careful. Also, avoid personal phone calls while at work.

Never Make Inappropriate Overtures With Others

You need to build positive relationships with your colleagues, but be careful not to cross the line. Avoid staring at body parts and making inappropriate comments and bad jokes. Be especially careful when it comes to your superior. Also don’t try to add people to your Facebook account or send them inappropriate content via email.

Don’t Reveal Company Secrets

You may be privy to some juicy internal corporate gossip but don’t talk about it to others. Be very careful not to blog about it, talk about it on public forums, chat or social media. Act like you never heard a thing. Show that you are loyal and can be trusted with confidential information when you’re an employee.