When you think of casinos three things usually spring to mind: money, bright lights and girls. What we don’t tend to see is the very well thought out business strategies that go into guaranteeing a casino’s future.

In essence, there are a wealth of hints and tips that we can gain from this sector that are easily transferable to any size of business, whatever the remit. Here are my top five tips for securing success.

    1. The more accessible the better
      When you enter a casino, online of offline, there is always a wealth of games on offer, from poker to craps; there will be something to catch the eye of every type of customer. It also doesn’t stop there; if you win you can use your winnings for food and drinks in the casino’s closely-placed restaurants – an intelligent business strategy intended to get you spending more on their services and goods. With so many options to choose from, no one is left out, the question is can you say the same for your business? Have a look at your plans and what you offer and make sure that you have covered as many bases as possible.
    2. Up-selling is key
      It is extremely difficult to leave a casino once you are in. From the minute you walk in you will see a specifically designed layout that means that every step you take has been well thought through in order for the casino to continuously be up selling. Even online casinos have created a full proof usability system that will keep you continuously entertained.

      Whatever your business have a look at your check out or sign up features, are there any last minute add-ons you can make to keep the clients interest from start to finish?

    3. Use your senses!
      Upon entering a casino you will be hit by sensory overload, lights, sounds and rich smells will entice you in and ultimately help you to part with your money. Using the senses in your business plan will also help to keep the clients there longer. If your business is online the same rules can still apply. Intercasino for example, makes use of this through their contrasting colours, bright visuals and stimulating sounds that will draw you in and keep your attention.
    4. Always consider the end goal
      Getting the customers in front of the machines is the sole purpose of any casino. Clever in-house marketing is used to divert you to the machines, bar and food outlets, so the end goal of parting the consumer with their money is always at the fore front of their minds! Have a look at your strategy and see if you are funneling your clients through to the essence and sole purpose of your business.
    5. Encourage repeat business
      You will never find a clock in casinos! A strange statement I admit, but there is a very good reason for this; if you don’t know the time then you will be less aware of how much you have spent or how long you have been playing. Consider how you can match this in your establishment; look at removing time from the equation thus giving the customer/client more time to concentrate on your business!