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Image from Pixabay

One of the realities you need to face as a business is the brutal competition that makes it so difficult to stand out. According to statistics, 90% of all startups fail because they have a team that overlooks details and fails to market a product effectively. Most startups also fall in love with their “game plan” and give up their versatility in the process. In turn, they fail to keep up with competitors that embrace innovation.

Remember that you need to think outside the box and be adaptive to the latest strategies that will win over customers. Below are tools you can use to set your business apart from the rest of the pack:

1. Again Studios

The content you offer online will directly reflect your brand’s identity. You can either be a generic competitor that copies whatever content strategy everyone has, or be a reputable provider of valuable information. First, you need a plan that will pique the interest of your target audience and make a compelling case for your brand.

Again Studios

Again Studios is a platform that will allow you to create explainer videos that will communicate what your brand is all about. Its focus is to create humorous and entertaining animated videos that will quickly highlight your brand’s value propositions. However, the best thing about Again Studios is that their services are not tied to packages. Rather, they treat each client differently and will offer a scalable and flexible solution for your proposed project.

2. TopBloggers

Although content is critical, it is worthless without an effective distribution strategy that will push it to the right audience. One of the best strategies you can implement is to do influencer marketing and let authoritative bloggers and trusted industry websites spread the word on your brand. Using the influencer’s authentic voice, you are essentially borrowing their credibility to put your brand in a positive light.


TopBloggers is a great platform for finding and reaching out to the best influencers that can get the job done. Its core advantage is that you can easily leverage high-traffic websites to reach more people with your content. It is also filled with features that will help you manage every facet of your campaign—from managing project proposals to tracking.

3. Quuu Promote

Another way to promote your brand is to leverage the social reach of individuals with an established following. Unlike popular blogs and websites, social media influencers are more relatable and approachable to the online audience. That is why you need a platform like Quuu Promote to tap into the incredible potential of social media influencers.


Just like most of the tools included in this list, Quuu Promote is very easy to learn and use. You only need to create your content for a particular social network, choose an appropriate category, and let the platform do the rest. Your content will then be promoted by real people that are trusted by thousands of social media followers so you can gain maximum exposure.

4. Meetingbird

One of the qualities that define successful brands is the willingness to branch out and access the global pool of talent. They also prioritize seamless communication between every team member to ensure the speedy accomplishment of business objectives. Meetingbird is an online meeting platform that will help you do both. It allows your team to collaborate in real-time and develop meeting notes and agendas.


Remember that every crucial decision must be decided and agreed upon by everyone in large-scale projects. You cannot afford to have anybody left out as it may have a rippling effect on everyone’s productivity. Meetingbird solves this problem and supercharges the team’s communication with functionalities such as messaging, file sharing, collaborative content editing, and a fully searchable index of past meetings.

5. Stripe: Atlas

With new technology, it is easy for a business to target the global market and set up a virtual storefront that can be accessed from anywhere. However, they still need to overcome geographic barriers to establishing a legitimate business. Stripe: Atlas ensures you are all set to operate in the US regardless of where you are in the world.


Keep in mind that founding an online startup remotely is not at all simple. Stripe: Atlas demystifies all the complexity and shows you the exact steps you need to take. You can take advantage of their tools and services to incorporate your company, set up a US bank account, and do your taxes right. Lastly, Stripe: Atlas offers legal consultancy to ensure a legitimate and secure future for your company.


The tools mentioned above should be more than enough to help you establish an online presence and expand the reach of your business. Just remember that the journey does not end here. Be prepared to embrace change and look for new strategies, tools, and ideas that will help you remain relevant in today’s competitive world.